If you’re just embarking on your journey towards becoming a professional voice actor – welcome! You’re joining one of the most exciting and welcoming industries in the world. The steps you are taking today are likely going to be part of a lifelong journey – learning the craft of voice acting is a lifelong endeavor, and one to be taken seriously. Voice acting is a real profession, requiring a true commitment when it comes to developing your voice and your business.

Thanks to the digital economy, most voice actors today are empowered to work remotely, in their own home recording studios. Voice actors generally rely upon their skills honed from years of working with casting directors, voice directors, producers, and instructors.

This article explains how you can assess your voice, look for clues in audition copy, and serve as your own director as often is required for the workaday voice actor.

Start Your Voice Acting Career by Understanding Why You’re Interested in Voice Acting

Are you interested in a career that can offer you the ultimate in flexibility and independence? Do you have a knack for using your voice? Would you like a job that allows you to communicate with a large audience? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be a great candidate for work in the voice over field.

Voice over artists are responsible for providing narration and dialog for everything from television commercials to customer service telephone lines. As a voice actor, you can reach audiences big and small – from one or two people, to hundreds of millions. Nearly every industry leverages voice over services, from telephone IVR systems, to learning content, entertainment, advertising and more.

Because the field is so diverse and the opportunities are so vast, it makes sense to understand why you’re interested in voice acting and where you see your voice being used in business. This is the key to unlocking your voice over branding, which will be at the center of your voice over business marketing mix. As voice actors develop their business, many choose to focus on one or two fields (e.g. animation or advertising), and work intensively within their niche or strong suit.

Work on Honing the Essential Skills for Voice Over Actors

Believe it or not, launching a career as a voice-over professional is fairly straightforward and easier than you may think. A good work ethic, a drive for success and some quality resources to teach you the ins and outs of voice acting and narration are all essential for starting your journey.

Throughout the course of their development, many actors also work with voice over coaches – seasoned professionals who not only understand the art and science of developing your voice, but also understand the business of voice acting too.

Check out these great resources and get ready to launch an exciting career!

Build Your Voice Acting Community Connections and Industry Knowledge

Before you can be a successful voice over actor you need to know the basics. Get started by researching general industry terms. Who are the players in the voice acting industry and how do clients and talents interact? Subscribe to voice acting blogs (Note: You can subscribe the Voices.com blog too!), and see if there is a local voice acting community for you to get involved with to kick start your voice acting career.

Learn About How to Build an Affordable Home Recording Studio

For many, the idea of building a home studio can seem intimidating. The good news is that it needn’t be an expensive or daunting endeavor!

There are a wealth of resources out there to help you understand the process and the basic (affordable) tech that you’ll need to get started. For instance, this infographic depicts How to Build a Home Recording Studio on a Budget, and this article outlines 9 VO Hacks to Sound Better and Save Money.

Truly though, if you’re going to start somewhere, start with finding a great microphone. This article can help you get to the heart of picking a mic, including Which Microphone is Best for Voice Actors.

Practice Your Voice Over Skills with Voice Over Sample Scripts

Sometimes the best way to get started is simply to start. We’ve assembled several voice over sample scripts to allow you to preview vocal instruction, get into character and perform several different reads.

You can use sample scripts as copy to help you record demos, which are essential to have online and on-hand so clients can preview your voice.

See more on Advice from a Casting Director on Creating a Winning Demo.

Find Voice Over Jobs and Start Auditioning

If you’re interested in learning more about what kinds of voice over jobs exist, or you’d like to start auditioning, signing-up for an account on Voices.com is a great way to start.


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