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Voice Acting
How Voice Actors Can Track Their Success Using...

In today's digital age, voice actors need to use performance statistics. But what exactly are these statistics, and how can voice actors benefit from them?

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Voice Acting
How Much Does an Audiobook Narrator Make?

In this blog we'll look at the pay scales for an audiobook narrator, what influences earnings, and how you can amplify your income.

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Making Money
Becoming a Successful Multilingual Voice Actor

Voice actor Stella Stocker on how to be a successful multilingual voice actor and how she found success in the industry.

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Voice Acting
How to Start Voice Acting in 2023

From voice over coaching to setting salaries and auditioning, here's all the info you need to start doing voice over!

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Voice Acting
Voice Acting & Taxes, Part Three: Organization and...

In this blog, we’ll look at bookkeeping, why you may need to pay taxes quarterly and a list of deductibles voice actors can claim. 

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Voice Acting
Voice Acting & Taxes, Part Two: Expenses and the...

In this blog we review how to track your income and expenses and the importance of storing all your documents in one place.

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Voice Acting
Voice Acting & Taxes, Part One: Understanding Your...

In this blog, we’ll provide a background on taxes for voice actors based in USA and Canada. We’ll also cover what voice actors need to know.

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Making Money
What is Usage and How to Price a Broadcast Project

In this article, we aim to educate new clients who are wanting to post and properly price out a broadcast project on Voices.

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Best Freelance Gigs to Start in 2023 with Little to No...

Many gigs are remote jobs. These 5 freelance gigs are great ways to start freelancing in 2023 with little to no money.

Making Money
When You Quote, Include Audio Editing

Editing is its own service. Cost depends on how long the recording is and how complicated the editing requirements are. Learn how to quote accurately.

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Making Money
Money Matters: Is Your Voice Over Business Profitable?

Find out if your voice over business is profitable in 5 easy steps! Learn what you need to make to be profitable and identify tax write-offs.

Making Money
Podcast: The Role of Rates in the VO Industry

Bruce Kronenberg, Co-owner of Abacus entertainment recently moderated a panel discussion on the role rates play in the voice over industry.

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