Everywhere you look, the audiobook business is booming! Within this multi-billion dollar business, publishers and companies around are seeking diverse voices to provide audiobook narration in multiple languages. If you love reading and can sustain a consistent read, or even voice multiple characters, this line of work may be for you. Land the voice over job of your dreams. Become an audiobook narrator. Sign up today and start auditioning for audiobook voice over jobs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Audiobook narration is a lengthy process, so voice actors working in this niche need the ability to keep a consistent delivery for the duration of the recording. Being able to do character voices is also an asset. 

Audiobook voice acting jobs can be found on sites like Voices, through publishers, and through publishing services like Amazon and Audible. 

Audiobooks pay $200-$300 per finished hour. Therefore, you can make up to $3,000, depending on the length of the audiobook.

Audiobook narration is a time commitment and can require hours of editing. Voice actors considering audiobook narration should be able to portray multiple characters. 

The length of time it takes to record an audiobook varies, but the standard audiobook run time is about 11 hours of finished audio. It takes about double that time to record the narration, so it would take about 22 hours to record the narration of a standard audiobook.