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Woman practicing vocal warm ups
Voice Acting
7 Vocal Warm Ups That Work Wonders

Looking for vocal warm ups that work wonders for your voice? We walk through 7 key vocal warm ups for singers and voice actors.

A man with black hair smiles towards a microphone as he puts on headphones.
Voice Acting
Stages of Development of the Male Voice

What exactly makes the male voice so distinctive? We will answer this question, as we explore the stages of the male voice in this article.

A main with black hair and a beard is wearing headphones and smiling towards the camera.
Voice Acting
The Male Voice & How to Describe It 

Use this guide to the male voice to learn everything you need to know about this beautiful instrument and its capabilities. 

Woman grabbing her throat and holding glass of water.
Voice Acting
How to Care for Your Voice

Whether you are a voice over actor, singer, or any kind of vocal performer here are some great tips on how to care for your voice.

An adult woman coaching another woman how to speak in a living room.
Voice Acting
What Are the Best Vocal Health Practices?

In this article, we’ll talk to several experts who fill us in on the three most important vocal health practices for voice actors.

Tranquil young african man resting eyes closed breathing on couch
Voice Acting
The Best Breathing Techniques for Voice Actors

Having a solid breathing routine for vocal range is integral. In this piece, we break down the top techniques you can use in your routine.

Woman speaking into cellphone
Voice Acting
What Is Vocal Fry and What Does It Sound Like?

The vocal fry phenomenon has taken over in recent years. We asked the VO community for their thoughts on vocal fry and when to use it.

Voice Acting
How Voice Actors Can Control Their Voice

Guest blogger Blake Sanders a technical writer who understands the industry shares essential information for voice control.

Doctors sitting at a computer
Health Care Commercial Sample Script

Are you looking to create a healthcare commercial? These sample scripts can help guide you and inspire you to create a compelling commercial.

woman standing in front of microphone, in a recording studio
Vocal Health
Vocal warm ups: Building a warm-up routine

Similar to a physical warm-up before lifting weights or deep stretching, we warm up to prepare for singing and prevent injury.

Chef, singing, microphone, whisk
Voice Acting
6 Ways to Prepare for a Great Vocal Performance

Professional voice over artists should prepare before performing. Discover six quick steps you can take for greater success.

Collage of voice actors who mane up the Voice Insiders panel
Vocal Health
Vocal Care Tips for Character Voice Over Roles

The Voices Insiders shared their go-to vocal care techniques that help to repair the strain on their voices when they take on harsh-voiced roles.

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