Two women looking at datasets on a laptop, one sitting and one standing.
Voice Acting, Voice Tech and Datasets: A Q&A with...

Learn about datasets, voice technology and how it impacts voice acting from Dheeraj Jalali, the Chief Technology Officer at Voices.

Google Docs logo on phone screen stock image.
How to use Speech to Text in Google Docs

In this blog, we'll show you how to transcribe an interview, dictate your next blog post, or capture brainstorming sessions with Google Docs.

An animated image of the Voicemeeter software in front of a computer, microphone, headphones and headset.
Voicemeeter for Beginners: The Audio Mixing Tool To...

Voicemeeter is an audio mixer that give users control over their sound environment. In this blog, we'll look at what Voicemeeter is and how to use it.

A brunette woman holds her cellphone to her face, while she's walking outside.
Your Guide to Crafting the Perfect Business Voicemail...

In this blog, we'll offer essential elements and examples to help you create an impressive business voicemail that leaves a long-lasting impression.

What Is the Best Voice Recording Software in 2024?

When searching for voice recording software, should you pay or use a free program? Here's a roundup of the top 8 audio editing software options.

How Do You Advertise on Pandora?

Brands are extending their reach with digital audio advertising, particularly through Pandora ads. Read our in-depth guide to find out why.

How to use GarageBand on a Mac represented by a desktop Mac display with GarageBand on the screen sitting on an office desk.
How to Use GarageBand on a Mac

GarageBand is a great way to produce your finished recording. Here's everything you need to know to get started in GarageBand.

Person wearing red headphones sitting in front of a computer editing audio.
Audio Editing Practices for Beginner Audio Producers

Aspiring producers should understand key audio editing practices.Here are 3 audio production exercises to get you started.

A microphone sits in a stabilizer.
Tips for Preserving and Caring for Mics

Learn about the proper ways to take care of your microphone and ensure that you keep it in pristine condition with these 5 helpful tips.

Dark-haired woman listening to audio recording generated from text to speech software at a museum
What Is Text to Speech Software Used For?

From finance to tourism, text to speech software is changing many professional fields. Discover the 5 key industries that have adopted TTS.

Relax, phone and black woman on social media for news reading or funny online content on living room floor. Smile, meme or happy girl enjoys a glass of water for wellness or healthy hydration at home.
Best Free Speech to Text Converters

In this blog, we look look at the best free speech-to-text converters available today: From Google, Bear File, and more.

A man's hand holding a microphone against a sky blue background.
Mic Drop: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Microphone

Learn how to choose the perfect microphone that matches your voice, recording environment and more in this helpful guide.

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