Two women looking at datasets on a laptop, one sitting and one standing.
Voice Acting, Voice Tech and Datasets: A Q&A with...

Learn about datasets, voice technology and how it impacts voice acting from Dheeraj Jalali, the Chief Technology Officer at Voices.

Dark-haired woman listening to audio recording generated from text to speech software at a museum
What Is Text to Speech Software Used For?

From finance to tourism, text to speech software is changing many professional fields. Discover the 5 key industries that have adopted TTS.

Google Text-to-Speech app on the display of smartphone or tablet
How does Google’s Text to Speech Work?

If you've ever wondered how Google’s TTS technology transforms mere text into lifelike speech, you’re in the right place.

A brunette woman leans against a pillar in an office while looking at her phone.
Get the Best Text to Speech Experience in 2024

In this blog, we’ll dive into how TTS can make lives easier, as well as provide engaging audio content from written sources almost instantly.

Multitrack of sound audio wave on Monitor.
How Do You Edit a Synthetic Voice? 

In this blog post, we explore the potential of synthetic voices and how text-to-speech & voice cloning technologies can be used for audio recordings.

A woman sits with a coffee mug in hand looking at her computer.
What Is an AI Voice Changer?

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence voice changers and modifiers, discover how these technologies work, and gain insight into their applications

A man holding onto his headphones looking towards a microphone in a studio.
What Is Voice Synthesis?

Discover how voice synthesis bridges human-machine communication by replicating pitch and speaking style in this insightful blog.

Two women sit on a couch working on their computers.
What is SSML?

In the expanding universe of voice tech, Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) holds a place of prominence. In this blog, we'll look at what SSML is and how...

Your AI Voice Questions Answered
Your AI Voice Questions Answered

Get answers to common questions about AI Studio and AI on Voices, boosting your confidence in our technology and our commitment to serving both talent and...

A lawyer writing in a notebook in his office, representing the legal and ethical implications of AI voices.
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Are AI Voices...

What are the legal and ethical implications of AI-generated voices? This guide will help you navigate the rapidly expanding world of AI voices.

Man face detection. Id technolody. Fictional person.
What are Voice Deepfakes?

As we navigate through the fascinating landscape of voice technology, there's one area that piques intrigue and concern in equal measure: Voice Deepfakes. 

Minimalist Polygonal Microphone on a White Background.
What is AI Voice Cloning?

AI Voice Cloning, at its heart, is the process of creating a digital replica of a person's voice using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

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