how to do accents
Voice Acting
How to Do Accents: Advice From a Dialect Coach

The voice over industry is filled with actors who can perform a multitude of accents. Learn how to do accents with dialect coach Sammi Grant.

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Finding Your Voice with 16 Tips to Nailing...

Auditioning for voice over jobs can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Follow these audition tips to make the process less daunting.

Voice Acting
How to Get Into Character: A Comprehensive Guide to...

Before you get in front of the mic, do you have anything special that you do to get in the ‘zone’?

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Voice Acting
Best Mobile Apps for Voice Actors in 2023

Here's our roundup of the 10 best mobile apps that every voice actor needs to download if they want to thrive in their craft in 2023.

The Voices Insiders
Voice Acting
6 Beginner Voice Over Mistakes

Learn about the most common voice over mistakes made by beginners and how to fix them with advice from the Voices Insiders.

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Voice Acting
How to Start Voice Acting in 2023

From voice over coaching to setting salaries and auditioning, here's all the info you need to start doing voice over!

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Voice Acting
Voice Casting: What Is It and Why It Matters

Casting is the process of selecting actors for a particular role. In this blog, we explain what voice casting is and how it works.

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Voice Acting
How To Make An Ad Jingle

In this article, we will go over the basics of how to make an ad jingle for a classic commercial or modern voice over job.

Man Doing Voice Over Work at a Computer
Voice Acting
How to Find Voice Over Work Online in 2023

Your definitive guide to finding voice over work online. Learn what to look for in a job posting, how to submit winning auditions, and more.

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Voice Acting
How to Share Screen on FaceTime (For Live Sessions)

Since it's such an important feature for voice actors, how do you screen share on FaceTime? We will show you how in this article.

African american man recording video acting audition.
The 13 Do’s and Don’ts For Self Taping Auditions

We got the best do's and don'ts from voice actors, who have had experience with recording self tapes for on camera auditions.

Professional digital camera recording video blog of businesswoman
How to Nail a Self-Tape in an On-Camera Audition

This piece will give you insight into what skills are needed during self tapes for on camera roles and show you the skills you already have.

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