Alan MedcroftDo you remember when I mentioned the TomTom contest not too long ago?

TomTom is a company known for having both useful and entertaining voice overs in their satellite navigation devices.
Brian Blessed, a voice of TomTom, sent out a call for entries that met the following criteria:
๏ Energetic and Enthusiastic
๏ Easy to listen to
๏ Adhered to the voice entry instructions (As per the brief given online).
Alan Medcroft’s entry was chosen! Learn more about the winner and runners up in today’s VOX Daily.

TomTom’s New Voice, Alan Medcroft

After much, much deliberation, TomTom announced the name of the winner of their most recent contest to find a new voice! The update sailed across my Facebook feed about an hour or so ago.
As soon as I found out, I contacted Alan Medcroft, based in Bristol, UK, to learn more about the story behind his winning video entry (which you can watch on TomTom’s Facebook page).

Alan Medcroft shared, “I recorded the my voice one night when it was dark and had to hope against hope that the snow in Bristol wouldn’t melt before the next day so I could do the little film to go with it. It was a lot of fun to make and I didn’t dare to dream that I might win. Thank you to TomTom. I’ve used their SatNav for years and it’s got me where I need to go. I have a dreadful sense of direction (unlike my father who can remember the route he took 30 years ago and the alternative routes) and would be completely lost without my TomTom.”

The voiceover was recorded in GarageBand. Alan revealed that it was the first time he’d ever used it (Apple’s Garageband), so it really is an easy thing to master.
In a Note posted to their fan page, TomTom confirmed that Alan will soon be the proud owner of a new, top of the line Renault Mégane Coupé Cabriolet with built in TomTom sat nav, as well as having his voice recorded and made available for TomTom sat navs.
There you have it!

Runners up for this contest included:

Shelley Jones
Adam Bunker
Nick Scahill
Mike McCaffrey
Congratulations to Alan on the win and a special tip of the hat to Shelley, Adam, Nick and Mike for their creativity and passion.

Do You Use a TomTom Product?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    TomTom recently ran a similar competition in New Zealand in association with a local radio station, and while I didn’t make the final 5, I did win a TomTom GPS with my last minute entry as the best entry on the final day! Our winner was Ben Harper (no relation to the singer!), and he won out of thousands of entries. The audition had to be 25 secs or less, and contain the words ‘left’, ‘right’ and ‘TomTom’.
    The idea of having voices to choose from within TomTom is inspired, and so fabulous to have local voices and accents too!
    I have just added my TomTom entry to my demos (temporarily) so check it out!
    By the way – the first word I say is Kia Ora – which means hello or welcome in Maori.
    Have a great day,
    Vanessa x

  2. Hi Stephanie
    Today you posted that Alan Medcroft had won a competition to become the new voice of TomTom.
    I also have recently (last Friday 3rd December) won a radio competition to become the new welsh male voice of TomTom.
    I am extremely excited and can’t wait to record the job for TomTom.
    I am also the English Audio guide for the Vatican… can’t get much higher I suppose!
    Kind Regards
    Robb Dee Voiceover Services

  3. Hi Vanessa and Robb,
    Thank you for writing in and for sharing that you had entered the contest but in New Zealand (Vanessa) and Wales (Robb)! I listened to your spot Vanessa and it was really great 🙂
    TomTom must be doing something in a number of countries right now. How interesting it is to hear of these contests. Congratulations to the lot of you!
    Best wishes,


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