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Tools and Resources
How to Add Voice Over on Google Slides

If you want to add a voice over to Google Slides, look no further. We've outlined everything you need to know in this article.

Best Podcast Hosting Services for Beginners

Podcasts require a reliable hosting service to store data. Finding the right podcast hosting can be challenging as many great options exist.

Audio Editing Tutorial
How To Get Started With Audio Editing – An...

Voice-powered content like podcasts, audio ads, music and audiobooks have risen in popularity and often requiring the editing skills of an audio editor.

behind the scenes production of a tv show. A camera close up on some food, with a woman standing at a counter, to the left of the close up, which is out of focus.
3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Video Production...

At every stage of video production there are opportunities to create multi-purpose content from still shots to podcasts. Learn how.

woman in a blakc and white striped shirt laying on an orange couch listening to an audiobook and looking at her cell phone.
How to Make an Audiobook [Part Three] – How to...

Once you've made an audiobook, you need to know where to make it available and how you'll tell them about it! Find some distribution and promition ideas here.

Collage of voice actors who mane up the Voice Insiders panel
Voices Insiders—A Year in Review and What to Expect...

The Voices Insiders Program has fostered a place of authentic sharing of perspective and know-how between voice actors of all backgrounds. Want to join?

podcast interview room, white head phones and mic, 2 people 1 male 1 female
5 Things You Should Do Before Relaunching an Old...

Voices relaunched the Vox Talk podcast and learned 5 key takeaways from the process. Read about how to make your own podcast relaunch a successful one.

man sitting at a laptop with silver headphones on. Image for a blog post on the top 5 sound effect websites
Mixing and Mastering
5 Best Websites for Sound Effects

Five sound effect websites that deliver the best selection, best prices, and best usage rights. These five stand out from the rest in more ways than one!

middle aged man sitting at desk with a professional mic, and 2 laptops. Directing live sessions for radio ad campaigns
Radio Advertising Mini Series: How To Write a Radio Ad

In this radio advertising mini series we outline the 7 tips for writing an effective radio spot. Put them to the test!

The Importance of Portfolio Samples
Tips and Tricks
How To Maximize Your Profile and Portfolio Samples

Having portfolio samples added allows you to have visibility in search, which means clients can find you and invite you to respond to jobs.

Collage of voice actors who mane up the Voice Insiders panel
Career Development
How Voice Actors Keep Up with Trends and Showcase...

The Voices Insiders tell us how they listen for upcoming voice over trends, what they’re hearing, and how they update their Voices profiles to reflect those...

Voices is Now Your Audio Services Marketplace: How...

The audio services marketplace where you hire freelancers in audio professions like voice over, translation, audio production, music, singing and more.

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