A young woman in a cream colored sweater against a dark backdrop has her right hand slightly lifted and is clearly laughing, joyfully.
The Art Of Infusing Humor in Your Voice Over

What makes a voice over funny? Learn the key to nailing that funny voice over read in this feature article.

Product Update: Edit Auditions
Product Update: Faster and Easier Audition Changes

A recent feature was released allowing talent to edit auditions faster and easier than ever before. Here's what it does and how to use it!

Image depicting a silhouette of a person with headphones on and the outline of a microphone.
How Audiobook Narrators Find Their Voice

Audiobook narrators on how they find their voice and create original character voices that will inspire and delight.

a generation x man sitting with his feet on a desk in an office with headphones on, listening to voice actor audition demos.
How to Get Hired for Animation Jobs

5 video clips of producers providing specific tips on how animation voice actors can deliver exactly what clients need.

Illustration depicts woman with movie clapper in blue shirt
How Can You Get Great Voice Over Talent to Audition...

In searching for a voice actor who will be perfect for your job, you want to make sure that you are setting talent up for success.

A man sits in front of a computer screen. The background is blurry, however to his left sits a set of headphones. In front of him appears to be a mixing board and vu meters. On the screen looks to be audio editing programs.
Making Your Audio Shine: Tips from an Engineer

Great tech enables great talent! Get tips from audio engineer Bryant Falk on how to make your audio sound great.

A stethoscope sits across a keyboard in a semi-unfurled fashion.
Voice Acting
Audition Diagnosis - Tips to Get Your Career Rolling

Want to know why you aren't booking more work? Tommy Griffiths explores how you can improve your auditions and land your next gig.

female, actress, talent, actor, auditioning, auditions
Tips for Living the La La Land #ActorsLife

Has auditioning changed much over the years? If you enjoyed Singing in the Rain, you'll love La La Land and this modern take on auditioning.

Pink banner that says LevelUp San Francisco
Voice Over Beginners: LevelUp Your Career in San...

Beginning voice actor? Want to stand out from the crowd? Learn from industry coaches and voice actor mentors. Get info on presenters today!

Talent showcase
5 Tips For Capitalizing on Talent Showcases For Actors

Going to a talent showcase? Discover 5 ways you can make yourself instantly memorable and approachable to casting pros.

Man in the studio happy to be a voice actor
Voice Acting
What Gets a Voice Actor Cast Online? 4 Considerations

When you hear clients say, “I’ll know it when I hear it?” Most clients engaged in online casting are open to hearing new and fresh talent.

Does Practice Make Perfect? 4 Steps You’ll Want...

4 tips for practicing your voice over script for an audition: be consistent, be diverse, have fun, and make it count!

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