Articles by Dheeraj Jalali

Two women looking at datasets on a laptop, one sitting and one standing.
Voice Acting, Voice Tech and Datasets: A Q&A with...

Learn about datasets, voice technology and how it impacts voice acting from Dheeraj Jalali, the Chief Technology Officer at Voices.

Dark-haired woman listening to audio recording generated from text to speech software at a museum
What Is Text to Speech Software Used For?

From finance to tourism, text to speech software is changing many professional fields. Discover the 5 key industries that have adopted TTS.

A lawyer writing in a notebook in his office, representing the legal and ethical implications of AI voices.
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Are AI Voices...

What are the legal and ethical implications of AI-generated voices? This guide will help you navigate the rapidly expanding world of AI voices.

Voice changer software represented by a computer animated image of a mouth speaking.
16 Best Voice Changers for Windows and Mobile [2024...

As communication becomes increasingly digital, the ability to alter your voice can open up a whole new world of creativity and fun. Whether you’re an avid...

A finger hovering over a computer keyboard with one key that says AI code of ethics.
Our Commitment to Ethical AI

With the rise of artificial intelligence in the voice over industry, we want to share our commitment to ethical AI on our platform.

young man in the street with phone sending voice message or recording audio
Voice Acting
How AI Voices Differ from Natural Voices

How are AI voices different from natural, human voices? In this blog, we will look at the key differences between the two.

A black smart home speaker sitting on a brown circular piece of wood.
Synthetic and AI Voices: Market Size and How...

AI voice tech is projected to be a $36B industry by 2025. There is unprescidented opportunity to invest in synthetic voice development and here's how.

A young woman with glasses speaking into her phone while writing in a journal, representing an interactive voice ad script.
How to Write an Interactive Voice Ad Script

Interactive voice ads are voice-activated audio ads that listeners can talk back to. Learn how to write your very own interactive voice ad.