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Best Mobile Apps for Voice Actors in 2022

Need to up your voice acting game? Are you feeling held back by your limited resources? Whether you’re creating characters in your sleep or fresh off your first callback, you need the best tools for your voice over gigs and auditions.

In a world of ever-improving technology, the vast sea of voice over apps may seem overwhelming. Voice actors must also be tech-savvy to keep with industry standards and a fast-paced market. 

There’s an App for That

Are you searching for an acting coach but don’t have the time or budget? Maybe you really need to add special effects or music to that recording for your next audition. There’s an app for you!

Your time is valuable. Through hands-free functions, many apps allow you to make voice recordings easier to achieve with a voice actor’s busy lifestyle. You can even find apps to add voice over to existing video.

The ease of sharing has never been more convenient. Voice actors can send demos, audition recordings, and videos with ease using only a mobile device.

Voice over video and audio apps are now available for free or at very little cost. Professionals and aspiring career voice actors should consider making use of upgrade options, membership opportunities, and in-app purchases.

Professionals and aspiring voice actors alike can find a variety of audition apps, voice over apps, and voice recording apps. Since no two voice actors are the same, it’s best to find the right fit for your needs.

1. Vocal Warm Up
2. Voice Memo by Apple
3. Actor Audition App 
4. Voices Mobile App
5. Voice Over Self Direction
6. GarageBand
7. Twisted Wave Mobile Studio
8. Dubme
9. Easy Voice Recorder

1. Vocal Warm Up

Publisher: Musicopoulus

Price: $3.99

Rating: 2.5

Without proper warm up and cool-down routines, the voice can become damaged or fatigued with overuse. This app provides proper guidance and practice when warming up and cooling down the voice. This will help the voice actor create and maintain a proper vocal care routine.

Vocal Warm Up offers a wide variety of warm-up and cool-down exercises. Each one comes with detailed instruction and is customizable to the user’s vocal range. The user can then create a playlist and schedule of their favorite exercises.

Vocal Warm Up features are hands-free and don’t require outside accompaniment.

Customization makes this app stand out from others. Users can customize the range, the order of exercises, and times of day to practice. Vocal Warm Up provides its users with the opportunity to customize their own exercises and save them for continued use.

What Users Say:

“Great app for a vocal pro (or almost pro)!”

– Maestro Mitch, 5/5 stars

“Keeps my voice strong!”

– CuteButDangerous, 5/5 stars

Vocal Warm Up is available for download on the App Store.

2. Voice Memo by Apple 

Publisher: iOS

Price: Free

Voice Memo comes with iOS devices free of charge. Users can easily record, listen, edit, and share material using this app. 

Compatible with Apple Watch, iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, Apple’s Voice Memo will sync with its user’s devices. This app provides the voice actor with the option to select a wide variety of languages as well. 

Cost and ease of use are popular features enjoyed by users of the iOS Voice Memo.

Voice Memo is available for download on the App Store.

3. Actor Audition App 

Publisher: Scott Sedita 

Price: $9.99

Rating: 5

Actor Audition provides any voice actor with the benefit of creator Scott Sedita’s 30 years of Hollywood audition experience. Any voice actor wanting to rehearse before an audition can benefit from the education and variety of tools provided by the Actor Audition App.

Users will learn the W.O.F.R.A.I.M. technique, practice vocal exercises, and sample scripts. Voice actors can see how much they’ve learned about acting and the audition process with the in-app quiz. 

Through the My Auditions feature, users can store, sync, and track detailed audition information. Actor Audition provides many tools for voice actors to prepare for auditions, and keep track of important details.

What Users Say:

“…Scott’s industry expertise deliver(s) an unbeatable audition performance machine.”

– JeffK 

“…vocal warm ups are great, and have made my voice over auditions better.”

– Jaynelle E

“It’s like having a top acting coach available to you 24/7!”

– Klayton24

Actor Audition is available for download on the App Store.

4. Voices Mobile App

Publisher: Voices

Price: Free

App Store Rating: 3

Google Play Rating: 3.5

Here at Voices we have created our own mobile app to enhance any voice actor’s professional experience. Much like our well-loved web app, the Voices mobile app helps its users record voice over performances, search for talent, and manage jobs and auditions on the go.

The Voices mobile app has numerous features designed to streamline the voice actor’s professional experience. The ability to manage job agreements and details help busy voice actors stay organized. Users may also track payments using the mobile app.

Voice actors have the ability to review VoiceMatch™ scores on specific jobs. Those wanting to take their voice acting career to the next level will benefit from a Voices Premium membership. Professionals with existing Voices Premium memberships can manage their memberships through our mobile app as well.

What’s better than an app used by multiple audiences? Those searching for talent can use the Voices mobile app to find the right voice actor for their job. The app offers features to review job auditions and even hire talent!

Our mobile app provides a unique opportunity for voice over actors to showcase their talent, audition, and be found.

What Users Say:

“This App is as sweet as candy.”

– Kelvin Paris

“It’s a good online income generator that can turn into a career.”

– mansuldouble SS

“…it’s great to have the ability to share your demo or profile and give someone a listen on the fly.”

– J. Hobson

Voices’s mobile app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

5. Voice Over Self Direction

Publisher: Mary Lynn Wissner

Price: $4.99

App Store Rating: 1.6

Google Play Rating: 4.5

This app was created by coach and casting director Mary Lynn Wissner of Voices Voicecasting. This app helps actors with voice over self-direction from their home studios. 

Wissner provides sample scripts, audio, character reads, and other tools to enhance the user’s VO coaching experience.

The app also promises to provide voice actors with “The Five Popular Directions” most prioritized by ad agencies and production companies. Voice actors can benefit from lists of emotions for rehearsing and recording script reads.

What Users Say:

“Helps me to visualize good focus points while practicing.”

– Sean Nelson

“Every voice actor should take this opportunity to have the wisdom of Mary Lynn Wissner right at your fingertips.”

– J.V. Martin Narrator/Storyteller

Voice Over Self Direction is available for download on the App Store.

6. GarageBand

Publisher: Apple

Price: Free

Rating on App Store: 4.1

One of the original free voice over apps, GarageBand continues to provide its users with a wide variety of tools. Through GarageBand, voice actors can record and edit their work.

GarageBand offers voice actors a wide variety of options including special effects, sound clips, and plugins. Users can eliminate unwanted background noise and enhance their favorite sections of VO recordings. 

This app is also easy to pair with video. Using iMovie, users can upload videos or images to easily pair with their GarageBand voice creations. The number of special effects offered set GarageBand apart from other apps as well. 

For audition quality recordings, voice actors should consider a high-quality microphone to use while recording on GarageBand. Practice recordings need additional equipment, making the experience with this app free of charge.

What Users Say:

Some users have reported difficulties using some special effects of the GarageBand app, as well as limitations in recording time. 

“…out of hundreds of apps on the App Store, it is by far the most user friendly…”

– Rhsjshuhdyd

“Voice over actors, storytellers, life coaches, podcasters, etc. could all benefit from the simplicity and functionality with a few simple tweaks.”

– Zipperbug

GarageBand is available on the App Store.

7. Twisted Wave Mobile Studio

Publisher: TwistedWave

Price: Free with in-app purchases

App Store Rating: 3.4

TwistedWave Mobile Studio is a voice over app for iPhone and iPad. This app offers voice actors the ability to record, edit, and send recordings with ease.

Users can utilize key features such as real-time updates and intuitive editing. Voice actors can easily edit their work by using instant undo and redo functions. Users can move around in the waveform, zoom in and out, and adjust frequency levels.

Sharing high-quality sound recording is made easy with TwistedWave Mobile Studio as well. This app provides its users the ability to share files using FTP and send files compressed in AAC.

What Users Say:

“Excellent if you understand what it does and how it works.”

– PF Slow

“Easy to record, easy to import and export.”

– MiklHestr

TwistedWave Mobile Studio is available on the App Store.

8. Dubme

Publisher: Dubme GmbH

Price: Free with in-app purchases

App Store Rating: 3.4

Google Play Rating: 2.7

Dubme is a voice over video app created for use on social media. This app allows its users to merge video and audio to create their desired effect.

Voice actors can make voice recordings, video commentaries, and video voice over. Sharing on social media or YouTube is easily accomplished with intuitive tools available to app users.

Dubme also allows its users to export videos in HD for free.

What Users Say:

‘”Actually love this app. Does exactly what it says, voice-over is easy to do, and $1.99 gets rid of ads and watermark.”

– Moreorlesstrue

“…the free pack of sound effects are extremely useful and that was a bonus!”

– #TempleRunFan

 Dubme is available for purchase on the App Store and Google Play.

9. Easy Voice Recorder

Publisher: Digipom Inc.

Price: Free with in-app purchases and upgrades

App Store Rating: 4.8

Google Play Rating: 4.7

Easy Voice Recorder provides voice actors tools for recording, sharing, and editing. Through this app, users can enjoy high-quality recording to PCMMP4, or AAC and share via email or another app. 

Users can cut recordings to suit desired lengths and listen to their work at high-speed for efficient review. Easy Voice Recorder also offers a convenient transcription tool for voice to text conversion. This app provides a hands-free function so users can multitask while making voice-over recordings.

Additional features are available for iPad users include drag and drop recordings, and support for Slide Over and Split View.

Easy Voice Recorder also offers additional upgrades such as a dark theme for user devices.

What Users Say:

“Great customer support: responded to an issue within hours and made it right, outstanding!”

– seelnotsnhoj

“…I use this app not only to record my podcast episodes…on my iPhone but then immediately use the transcription function to get the intro/blurb for each episode…”

– Sensei Victoria Whitfield

“I like using while driving, your system automatically links with car sound system so that I can record hands free.”

– Nick1st

Easy Voice Recorder is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Apps Are Great Tools for Voice Over Talent

The development of new technology has made the recording and marketing of voice overs easier than ever before. First, the development of the Internet allowed for easy access between clients and voice actors, especially as sites such as Voices began to pop up. Then, social media allowed for more effective marketing. Now, the next innovation in voice over technology has arrived – and this time, it’s small enough to carry around in your back pocket!

Mobile technology is the new buzzphrase in the voice industry, and with good reason. Vocal professionals are constantly on the go, and the more information they can fit into a smaller space, the better. Thanks to the development of the Voices mobile voice over apps for iPod, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and other devices, voice talent can now access their online profiles instantly, whether they’re sitting in their studios waiting to record a set or out and about running errands.

The Voices mobile app certainly is not limited to those hoping to land voice over gigs! Clients also benefit greatly from access to this application, as they are able to instantly post new jobs or scan through applicants for various gigs. Best of all, clients can instantly approve applicants and award jobs – even from remote locations!

Voice-over professionals and clients own a variety of smartphones, and Voices has made a point of providing voice over apps for iPhones and voice over apps for Android devices, compatible with a wide array of setups. Voices apps are available for iPhones, iPads and Android phones, which means that you should have no trouble accessing your favorite voice over site from your mobile device.

Whether you’re in need of some extra coaching, editing, enhancing, or posting, you can easily find the voice over app you need. 

Utilizing features and furthering your voice acting skills doesn’t have to break the bank. However, investing in improving your voice acting game isn’t a bad idea, either. Thankfully, both options are readily available through various voice over apps on the mobile market.

It’s easy to see why so many actors are turning to voice over apps to enhance their professional journey. Why not take advantage of these readily available resources? Sign up for a Voices talent account to discover how you can advance your voice acting career today! 

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