Voiceographies of voice actors
The Internet Movie Database (known to those who visit lovingly as the IMDb), is a website that lists the resume list of actors as well as tracks casts and crews.
Essentially, it’s a catalog of up-to-date information on who is starring in what. Many actors maintain their own IMDb presence and add roles to keep their resume current. People in the media refer to it all the time when discussing films and link back to IMBb as an authority on the subject of who’s starring in what.

Voices.com Viewed as Authority for Voice Acting Roles

Interestingly enough, bloggers, including those in the press, have started referencing Voices.com as a source of information about voice acting roles and who voices them just as they refer to IMDb for on-camera actors and their roles in film.

Do you see the opportunity?

Musicians have discographies and actors have filmographies…
What do voice actors have?


Voice actors have voiceographies, and although that fact isn’t advertised as such (we’ve been calling it your resume and experience to date), it’s rather important. Listing all of the jobs you have been a voice for on your website at Voices.com not only adds to your profile but is greatly to your advantage in the search engines.

People are always looking for the voice of this and that.

According to our research, I can confidently say that there are hundreds of searches each day through Google made by people who want to know who the person is that recorded a given commercial or voice acting role.

One of the most popular searches is for the voice of the Nasonex Bee, Antonio Banderas.
Some of those people aren’t just searching for fun either… they’re searching because they want to hire that same voice to record for their project! If you’ve voiced something high profile or a national campaign, be sure to add it to your website at Voices.com for clients to find, heck, even if it’s something low key, add it to your website.

Maintaining Your Voices.com Profile

Completing your Profile means that you fill every field out. Once you’ve done that, the work doesn’t stop there (that is, unless you want stale content on your page), you can keep updating your work experience, studio gear, etc. as often as you need to. The more you add, the greater probability that you’ll be found and hired based upon work you have already done, potentially even bypassing the need to audition because the client already identifies with what you can do and has envisioned working with your voice.

After all, you might be just the person they never knew they were looking for.



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