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Ever find it hard to explain to people why they should hire a professional voice actor to record their voice overs?
Here are 3 solid reasons you can give them for why they should be working with you and how you can make a difference.

Just Because Everyone Can Talk Doesn’t Mean That Everyone Is A Voice Actor.

Yes, strange but true!
I’m sure you’ve heard similar arguments, but consider the following:
Would you let a mechanic perform dental surgery on you or ask a dance teacher to stop your toilet from overflowing instead of calling a plumber?

Just Having a Great Voice Doesn’t Cut the Mustard

Many people are told that they have a great voice and think that they can record voice overs for their own company (or are asked to do so by their boss), but what many fail to see is that it isn’t about the voice necessarily, it’s about how you use it. Something else to consider is that a voice over isn’t only reading, it’s the artistic interpretation of words and the telling of a story with the purpose of getting people to buy in to a concept, strike interest in a product, service, or to simply be entertained.

So, Why Shouldn’t People Record Their Own Voice Overs?

1. The voice over won’t sound like it was recorded professionally
2. It will cost more regarding time and money than hiring a pro to do it
3. An in-house recorded voice over could actually do damage to a brand

The case is stated pretty well, don’t you think?
The last thing any business person wants to do is misrepresent their company, spend more money than necessary, or do injury to their brand image, all of which could very well happen if they record their own voice overs. If a person is in a position where they have a marketing budget or a budget that is set aside for business operations, they should include professionally recorded voice overs as part of that budget.

Let’s Put It Another Way

Clients who hire professional voice actors will save time, money and stress.
Did you know that when a client goes to their favorite engine to search that you’re literally 3 clicks or less away from being found and hired by someone who needs your voice?
When companies need a voice over recorded and skimp on the quality (painfully, it shows!), it costs them more money in lost business in the long run whereas as a good voice over recording will make them money and be an investment in their brand, and for the record, that will show too.

Go Forth and Prosper

Be the hero or heroine for organizations that need a leg up in the branding department.
Have you been a super hero today?
Looking forward to hearing from you,


  1. Stephanie,
    Well stated, especially today, when more and more organizations are using professional talent. It really sticks out when the voice-over, not only the talent, but the production quality comes across as, ‘home-made.’ The quality of the message truly suffers.

  2. Nicely done Stephanie, and I agree with Steve’s comments, too.
    Image is everything. If a company elects to use audio as part of its marketing and advertising, starting with a quality product is a reflection of image. Sometimes all you get is a first impression, so it’s critical to make it count!
    All The Best,
    Bobbin Beam- ISDN Voice Actress


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