If you’re looking for a script to inspire you, look no further. Whether you’re a voice actor who would like a voice over practice script, or a scriptwriter looking for examples that will light your creative fire, these commercial sample scripts have been assembled just for you.

Below each script, you’ll find parameters, which outline the length of the recording, the target demographic, vocal direction and more!

If you’re using the copy as a voice over practice script, you can try reading the script out loud, recording yourself, or even performing the read for a coach. The choice is up to you. The script’s parameters are reflective of the criteria that will be included in job postings found on voices.com.

Note: These sample scripts have been crafted with a focus on the automotive industry, and contain fictional automotive companies and automotive brands.

15 Second Automotive Voice Over Script Sample: Carpool Optic by Solar

Client Solar’s Carpool Optic
Voice Age Middle Aged Parent
Gender Male or Female
Job Description Solar is a company that provides energy efficient tools to help parents. Their most recent line focuses on safety additions to tools/objects used everyday.
Artistic Direction We want parents to let parents know that we care about the safety of their children. Medium sell voice over that is authentic yet casual. It should not feel too pushy or salesy. Should be reflective of a parent/family man/woman.

Voice Reference: Katie Holmes, John Krasinski

Category Television
Industry Retail/Automotive
Style Casual, Authentic
Word Count 49 words

Voice Over Practice Script

As a parent, I want to know that my kids are safe wherever they are. That includes riding in the car. With the new Carpool Optic from Solar I can breathe easy knowing my kids will arrive where they need to safely – whether I am the driver or not.

30 Second Automotive Commercial Voice Over Script Sample: Valley View Automotive

Client Valley View Automotive
Voice Age Middle Aged
Gender Male or Female
Job Description Valley View Automotive is a family owned automotive business with several locations across Canada and the United States. The goal of this ad is to upsell SUVs over a two day period. Attracting middle aged persons who are looking to purchase a bigger vehicle.
Artistic Direction This is a hard sell. The promotion is time sensitive so we want customers in as fast and as soon as possible. Voice over should be thrilling and exciting yet commanding. Read at a fast-pace.

Voice Reference: Blake Shelton

Category Radio
Industry Retail/Automotive
Style Thrilling, Authoritative
Word Count 109 words

Voice Over Practice Script

Are you ready to get revved up? Valley View Automotive’s got all of the hottest SUVs you’ve been searching for!

For two days only, come in for a test drive and leave with a powerful SUV for just half the price.

Yes, you heard it, half the price!

Hurry in to Valley View as fast as you can, by car or on foot to take advantage of this outrageous sale. Don’t wait, ‘cause this promotion is going on for only 48 hours and the SUVs are being driven out of the lot faster than you can say 4 wheel drive!

Valley View Automotive, SUVs to get you into gear.  

60 Second Automotive Commercial Voice Over Script Sample: Otto’s Used Cars

Client Otto’s Used Cars
Voice Age Student / Young Adult
Gender Male or Female
Job Description Otto’s Used Cars is a used car dealership that normally targets families looking to upgrade their current vehicles through a trade. Through this campaign, we are trying to target students and young adults with a promotion.
Artistic Direction This is a soft sell ad. Think of a young adult talking to their friend and sharing a cool promotion that they heard about. Casual and laid back approach.

Voice Reference: Emma Stone

Category Radio
Industry Retail/Automotive
Style Casual, laid back
Word Count 124 words

Voice Over Practice Script

Taking the bus is a drag! I used to be late for class all the time and chasing after buses is not a cool look.  

Luckily, taking public transportation is a thing of the past for me. Thanks to Otto’s Used Cars I was able to buy a car that fit my budget and style and now I arrive on time, every time.

For a limited time, Otto’s Used Cars is offering fifty percent off all 2008 to 2013 models for students. And it’s easy! All you have to do is show your student ID card and be handed the keys to your brand new ride.

Hurry in today and get your wheels so you can finally say goodbye to the bus for good.

Otto’s Used Cars has something for everyone!

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