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Combustion Equipment Manufacturer Selects Warm Voice Talent

Peter O'Connell voices industrial video for John Zink Company, giving a warm, powerful voice to the messy business of cleaning the burn of fossil fuels burn and removal of contaminants.

Upgrading Your Home Recording Studio Equipment

I use a Samson Studio Condenser mic, Samson MDR6 mixer, and SoundBlaster Live! with 5.1 Support sound card.  The computer is a Dell Dimension...

What Home Studio Equipment Is Really Needed?

I want to get started in audio production and doing voiceovers. All I have right now is a Labtec Microphone that I bought on...

Second-hand recording studio equipment

Is buying used gear just 'as good as new' for aspiring talents starting out in the business? Let's tackle the realm of second-hand recording...

Voice Over Home Studio

Recording From Home Every work-at-home professional needs a personal space reserved for career needs. For an accountant or web designer, this may be an office. For...

Voice Over Recording Software – Tech Considerations

The Technical Considerations for a Great Voice Over There are three aspects of capturing a great voice over: Artistic: Encompasses the actor you hire and...

Producing an Animation – Animation Budget Template

Animation isn’t just for those who can afford it: These days, it’s available to the rest of us, too. What was once the exclusive...
A man sits in front of his computer with a coffee in hand. He's looking at spreadsheets that are tracking business income.

Money Matters: Is Your Voice Over Business Profitable?

Discover the Cost of Running a Voice Over Business in 5 Easy Steps We all want to make a great living and be successful. However, when...
A child voice actor, a little girl around 4 years old sits in front of a microphone with headphones on

How to Get Your Child into Voice Acting

Every child loves cartoons, many even want to be in one. Find out how in today's Vox Daily!
An illustrated microphone on a blue background

Infographic: How to Build a Home Recording Studio on a Budget

In collaboration with Jonathan Biran, Catz Audio. If you’re a voice over actor, there’s no doubt that having a recording studio in your home is...

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