Who Is the Allstate Commercial Guy?

Tara Parachuk | January 9, 2024

Actor Dennis Haysbert stands in the middle of a street looking into the camera next to the Allstate Insurance logo.

Whether it happened while you were driving your car or when you were at home watching TV, chances are you’ve heard or seen one of the iconic ads for Allstate Insurance featuring the memorable voice of a person that many refer to as the “Allstate commercial guy.”

The booming, deep voice that has become synonymous with the brand is hard to ignore. While this voice has become familiar to most listeners, you may not know the name of the Allstate commercial guy or why he was chosen to be the brand spokesperson for a well-known company in the first place.

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  1. Who Is the Voice in the Allstate Commercial?
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  3. Who Is the Allstate Mayhem Guy?
  4. Who Is the Actor in the 2021 Allstate Commercial?
  5. How to Find a Voice Like the Allstate Voice
  6. Choosing the Right Vocal Attributes for Your Brand
  7. Final Thoughts on the Allstate Guy

Let’s take a look at the name behind the voice, explore why his voice is a great choice for the brand, and discuss how other insurance brands can find a voice that resonates well with their audience.

Who Is the Voice in the Allstate Commercial?

The man who has become known as the Allstate commercial guy is Dennis Haysbert. Haysbert is an accomplished actor who has a long list of credits to his name, spanning from the late 1970s until today. Some of his most notable TV roles include President David Palmer on 24 and God on Lucifer, plus voice acting roles on series like Masters of the Universe: Revelation and animated films including Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers and Kung Fu Panda 2. Since 2003, he has appeared as the official spokesperson for Allstate Insurance in both English and Spanish-language commercials for the brand.

Despite getting his start in film and TV before becoming the spokesperson for Allstate, Haysbert has done voice over work for many other popular commercials and video games. Haysbert’s voice has often been likened to the baritone sound of James Earl Jones.

Dennis Haysbert in the Magic 8 Ball ad for Allstate

Why Was Dennis Haysbert Chosen as Allstate’s Brand Voice?

Haysbert’s voice is commanding and engaging, but most importantly, it is authoritative — which is exactly what you need when you speak to prospective clients in the insurance industry. These customers are either about to decide which insurance broker to go with or need help filing or settling an insurance claim. Essentially, these prospective clients are looking for an entity that has all the answers. Haysbert’s voice provides that reassurance.

So, why is a so in-demand and able to deliver the message? A study conducted by Voices showed that individuals with lower-pitched voices are perceived to have more integrity and competence — something that insurance clients look to when selecting the company they want to work with.

“Are you in good hands?” is the key message presented by Allstate Insurance. Coupled with the reassuring qualities of Haysbert’s voice, this message is completely on-brand, because a client of Allstate’s wants to be reassured.

Think of a time that you have personally contacted an insurance agency to file a claim, for example. You were likely hoping for someone who would be reassuring and knowledgeable enough to make the process go smoothly — somebody who fostered the same vibe that Haysbert does with his voice. This is why his voice is the perfect brand voice for Allstate.

Who Is the Allstate Mayhem Guy?

Dean Winters is an actor who has portrayed the character Mayhem in Allstate Insurance commercials since 2010.

Beyond his recurring role as Mayhem, Winters is known for his leading role in the TV series Oz, in addition to roles in many other series, including Detective Brian Cassidy on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Vulture on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Dennis Duffy on 30 Rock.

Winters has not only starred in a series of TV spots for the insurance company but has also recorded several radio ads. In some cases, these ads are even localized to reflect troubles, allowing Winters to show off his acting chops by embodying a hail storm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or an infamous intersection in Chicago.

Dean Winters as Mayhem in an Allstate Insurance ad

Who Is the Actor in the 2021 Allstate Commercial?

Devere Rogers is an actor from Atlanta who portrayed an Allstate customer zooming through the desert and singing along to the Pet Shop Boys in a 30-second spot that aired during Super Bowl LV in 2021.

While Allstate mainstays Dennis Haysbert and Dean Winters were both physically missing from the company’s latest ad (Haysbert did the voice over at the end of it), the commercial sparked a resurgence in popularity for the Pet Shop Boys’ “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money),” which shot up to the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Digital Songs chart.

How to Find a Voice Like the Allstate Voice

Determining the right voice for your brand can be tricky, but is ultimately worth all of the effort. If we use Allstate as our example, we can pick apart the steps the insurance company most likely took to arrive at the voice of Haysbert as their spokesperson.

Step 1: Identify your audience

We know that the target audience for Allstate is adults who are looking to purchase insurance coverage. These are likely adult-aged men and women who are either new insurance purchasers or those looking to switch. They are responsible and want a reliable and trustworthy company. Since a deep voice tends to sound more authoritative (as previously discussed), they probably chose a male voice just based on the register alone.

Step 2: Consider your key messaging

If the Allstate key message embodies the idea of being in good hands, they probably wanted a voice that sounds a bit older, almost like a comforting friend or family member who is checking in to ensure you have selected the right insurance company for your needs. The goal of this messaging, coupled with Haysbert’s voice, is to appeal to those who may not be customers of Allstate already but are looking to make the switch. It causes you to second-guess your decision, while also influencing your potential switch-over.

Step 3: Listen to lots of demos

Once you have narrowed down what you want your voice to sound like, you will probably start the audition process. Remember: it’s not that important to have a celebrity voice. You can also hire a soundalike to do the trick, as long as they possess the same vocal qualities. Make sure you listen to many demos and auditions before making your choice. After all, the people at Allstate probably auditioned dozens of candidates before settling on Haysbert.

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Choosing the Right Vocal Attributes for Your Brand

Here are some vocal attributes to think about and the messages they portray to your audience:

If you are looking for an approachable expert, you will want a warm, friendly vocal performance. There tend to be more women in this category because studies show that men are more attracted to higher-pitched voices and females will see their peers as approachable: a win-win situation.

If you are looking for a fun, intriguing voice, then you may want to source a voice actor who speaks with an accent. The demand for accents is rising because they tend to be appealing based on our cultural associations. For instance, an Australian accent tends to be regarded as more fun and outgoing.

Whichever vocal archetype you may be looking for, you should carefully select the qualities of the voice and try to match that with the right voice actor. On Voices, you have the opportunity to explore a wide range of voice actors based on accent, language, style, and more.

Final Thoughts on the Allstate Guy

Ultimately, Haysbert’s goal in the Allstate commercials is to both sell insurance as a product and help Allstate set itself apart from other insurance companies that are offering similar services.

Hiring the right voice can forge a memorable impression in the minds of your listeners and viewers, and you can ensure that your company will stand out from the rest of the pack.

After all, how many other insurance company spokespeople could you name off the top of your head?

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    December 20, 2020, 9:16 pm

    i thank u 4 this but seriously, r there STILL ppl who don’t know who DENNIS HAYSBERT is?! STILL??!!
    & y isn’t he getting better work?!

  • Avatar for Celestine. Lewis
    Celestine. Lewis
    June 8, 2021, 10:31 am

    The guy that is driving thru the desert an singing for all state , is he an actor he has a lovely voice please find an put him in something else , cuz he is greater

  • Avatar for Shirley Medeiros
    Shirley Medeiros
    July 6, 2021, 12:10 pm

    The young man Dennis who sings in the commercial is great I love his smile and every time it is on I stop what I am doing and watch him This world is so sad lately that he makes a 73 year old woman happy

  • Avatar for Ramiro Larrain
    Ramiro Larrain
    September 22, 2021, 5:49 pm

    I miss Dennis Haysbert on the Allstate commercial. Please bring him back