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Improved Billing History and Account Settings
Product News
Manage Your Projects More Efficiently with Improved...

We’ve listened to what clients' needs are when it comes to billing and payment, and we are pleased to share improvements to these processes with you.

Young woman recording podcast
How Tos
How to Submit a Podcast in 2022

Step by step instructions on how to submit a podcast to all the major podcast directories, including iTunes, Google, and Spotify.

A laptop with analytics on the screen next to a radio
For Clients
Radio Advertising Mini Series: Measuring Your Radio Ad...

How to measure your radio ad campaign success and 9 tips for making your radio advertising more successful from the get-go!

middle aged man sitting at desk with a professional mic, and 2 laptops. Directing live sessions for radio ad campaigns
For Clients
Radio Advertising Mini Series: How To Write a Radio Ad

In this radio advertising mini series we outline the 7 tips for writing an effective radio spot. Put them to the test!

Collage of voice actors who mane up the Voice Insiders panel
Voice Over
Mindset and Motivation: How Voice Actors Stay Motivated

The Voices Insiders spoke to how voice actors can stay motivated and practice self care to protect their mental wellness, and brought forward many unique tips...

An old-time radio sits on a wood shelf next to a plant and some books
Radio Advertising Mini Series: Why Should I Use Radio Ads?

Radio advertising has remained one of the most effective promotional channels for advertisers. Here’s how to make it work for you.

Young smiling woman sits in recording studio wearing headphones
Top 13 Audio Engineering Schools for 2022

From LA to Toronto, we’ve compiled a list of the best audio engineering schools to help you make it in the audio production industry in 2022

hand holding cellphone with YouTube logo on the screen
How Tos
How to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2022

Growing your Youtube channel takes a mix of patience, curiosity, creativity, and these pro tips.

The Importance of Portfolio Samples
Tips and Tricks
How To Maximize Your Profile and Portfolio Samples

Having portfolio samples added allows you to have visibility in search, which means clients can find you and invite you to respond to jobs.

man with ear buds listening to jingles of the 2000s
For Clients
Top 10 jingles of the 2000s

The top commercial jingles of the 2000s can teach us something even to this day. Their commonalities make them successful, but their differences make them...

Voices Leaderboard header image
Product News
New Voices Leaderboard

A great place for clients to discover your next favourite freelancer. And an excellent place for talent to find inspiration and maybe even a little motivation!...

Product News
New Talent Companion Mobile App

Stay on top of your jobs and messages while on the go with this mobile companion app for Voices talent.

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