How does falsetto work, represented by a Black man wearing a black top hat sings into his phone in front of a blue background.
How Does Falsetto Work?

How does falsetto work? Learn all about the vocal technique that has gained popularity across various music genres.

man with ear buds listening to jingles of the 2000s
What Are The Top 10 Jingles of the 2000s?

The top commercial jingles of the 2000s can teach us something even to this day. Their commonalities make them successful and memorable.

What Is the Best Voice Recording Software in 2024?

When searching for voice recording software, should you pay or use a free program? Here's a roundup of the top 8 audio editing software options.

A woman with dark hair holds her headphones and is singing, while looking away from her microphone.
What’s the Average Length of a Jingle?

What's the average length of a jingle? Let's dig into some of the best and learn what makes these jingles into earworms for listeners.

An African American women wearing a yellow top listens to music while she works.
What Is the Most Popular Work from Home Music?

In this blog post, we’ll break down our latest survey detailing the best work from home music and what makes an ideal work from home song.

Voice Acting
How Voice Actors Can Control Their Voice

Guest blogger Blake Sanders a technical writer who understands the industry shares essential information for voice control.

Photo of pretty cheerful dark skin girl closed eyes open mouth singing loud isolated on yellow color background
The 4 Most Common Mistakes Beginner Singers Make

Here are the four most common mistakes singers make, and what you can do to correct them. They're common for a reason!

Radio station setup with microphone and pop filter
How to Edit Podcast Sound Effects, Music & Dialogue

Using sound effects, music, and dialogue, you can bind the various segments of a podcast into one unified whole. Learn how to edit a podcast.

Best MIDI Keyboards of 2024

Keyboards are a crucial part of music. If you have a DAW, you can control every parameter of your MIDI synths and instruments.

Woman sitting on floor and playing the guitar.
7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block for Songwriters

It can be a challenge to overcome writer’s block, particularly if it’s your first time with it! These seven tips should help you get started, whatever the...

Music Industry Job Descriptions

Studio Musician Job Description Summary: A studio musician backs other artists during live performances or in the studio. The studio musician must be able to...

Male audio producer sits at desk looking intently at a computer screen where he is using audio software to design a sonic logo
How We Created the Voices Sonic Logo

Need inspiration for establishing your brand’s audio identity? Read the story of how we created the Voices sonic logo from scratch.

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