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Best External Microphones for iPhone

Although all iPhones have a built-in microphone, an external microphone (mic) can help you elevate the audio quality of the videos you shoot with your phone. 

The built-in mic is designed to capture an individual speaking into the mic in close proximity and it is the same mic that you speak through during phone calls and give instructions to Siri. While this is fine for day-to-day phone functions, capturing more professional sounds requires an external microphone.

External microphones for iPhone come in two types: shotgun and lavalier. 

Shotgun microphone

A shotgun mic is meant to pick up sounds from a distance. They are ideal for large rooms or outdoors. They restrict background noise while picking up the audio that you want others to listen to. They also handle weather-related noise more effectively, especially when paired with a dead cat. They’re plugged into your iPhone’s lightning jack and mounted on your iPhone.

Lavalier microphone

Also called a lapel mic, the lavalier mic clips onto the clothing of a person and amplifies vocal audio. These mics are small and unobtrusive and great for podcasting and creating YouTube videos.

The article will focus on the best shotgun mics for iPhone. Stay tuned for a post on the top 5 best lavalier mics for iPhone.

A shotgun microphone lets you record better audio for a variety of purposes. So whether you’re looking to have exceptional quality sound for your YouTube videos or make better quality family videos, here is a list of the top 5 best external shotgun microphones for iPhone.

Shure MV88

The Shure MV88 is among the top five for a myriad of reasons. It’s omnidirectional, making it ideal for capturing sounds from all directions while also maintaining the ability to record as a stereo or a cardioid mono mic. A foam screen comes included to crispen the audio in windy conditions and you can edit and send recordings in multiple ways. To top it off, the ShurePlus Motiv lets you control digital signal processing to a high degree. Whether you’re in a rock concert, doing a podcast, recording in a small room this microphone won’t let you down.

Rode VideoMic Me-L

The Rode VideoMic Me-L is a directional shotgun microphone, which means it records sound directly in front of it. With its shorter sound range, it’s ideal for one-person audio recordings such as podcasting and solo YouTube videos. however don’t fret, this mic is also great for the outdoors, so take it while you’re adventuring. Its small size makes it easy to toss into a bag and carry anywhere. Included is a 3.5mm headphone port, a clip to keep the mic secured to your phone, and a windshield to record crisp audio in disadvantageous weather conditions. 

Movo VXR10 

Designed for use with DSLR cameras, smartphones, and Apple and Android devices, this may be the cheapest shotgun mic on the market, however it’s also one of the best with a lot to offer. Possessing a cardioid condenser which will help eliminate surrounding noise and make editing easier later, this mic also comes with a shock mount to lessen handling noise. Also included is a deadcat windscreen, a 3.5mm TRS cable and a 3.5mm TRRS cable depending on which device it will be paired with. 

Sennheiser MKE 400 

Powered by two AA batteries, the MKE 400 is available in a mobile kit which comes with a phone clamp, mini tripod, two cables for your camera and smartphone, a deadcat, and a carrying pouch. Although the MKE 400 comes with a 3.5mm TRRS-compatible jack, if you have an iPhone 7 or newer, you will need to purchase an adapter as iPhones don’t come with a traditional headphone jack anymore.

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