A collage with Disney logo and character of Disney behind blue background.
Voice Acting
Who Are the Voices Behind Iconic Animated Disney Films?

Wondering who are the voices behind your favorite Disney animated characters? This blog post has all of our Disney 'Voice Of' content.

Marlin the clown fish from Finding Nemo.
Voice Acting
Who is the Voice of Marlin (in Finding Nemo)?

‘Finding Nemo’ is a Pixar movie that grossed $340 million on opening weekend. But do you know the voice of Nemo’s dad, Marlin?

Voice Acting
Who is the Voice of Joy in Inside Out

Who was cast to play the role of the always optimistic Joy? Keep reading to learn who is the voice of Joy in 'Inside Out' from Pixar.

Person holding tv remote control with their feet up.
TV Commercials – Why Are They so Loud?

Loud commercials can be disrupting; but once you know the reason they exist, you may better understand them. So why are commercials so loud?

Mr. Incredible smiles towards the camera, in front of a dark grey background.
Voice Acting
Who is the Voice of Mr Incredible?

'The Incredibles’ is one of the most popular Pixar movies of all time. In this post, we look at the voice behind Mr. Incredible.

Elastigirl in costume hunches forward, in front of a red background.
Voice Acting
Who is the Voice of Elastigirl?

Elastigirl is one of the central characters of ‘The Incredibles’. In this blog post, we take a look at which celebrities voices Elastigirl.

Squidward Tentacles frowns and stares off into the distance with a red and yellow background behind him.
Voice Acting
Who is the Voice of Squidward from Spongebob...

Squidward Tentacles is one of the main characters in the ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ series. In this post, we look at who voices Squidward.

A duck wearing a blue sailors outfit, standing on his two feet, smiles as he holds his hands towards the sky.
Voice Acting
Who Is the Voice of Donald Duck?

Few characters have quite as distinct a voice as that of Donald Duck. In this article, we break down who has voiced the iconic waterfowl.

An animated cowboy wearing a yellow outfit tips his brown hat as he smiles towards the camera.
Voice Acting
Who is the Voice of Woody (Toy Story)?

The ‘Toy Story’ franchise had many iconic voice actors. One of those voice actors provides the voice of Woody. So, who is the voice of Woody?

Old silver vintage TV with green screen to add new images to the
The Best TV Commercials of the 1990s

For many, the 90s were the golden age of television. Ready for a nostalgic ride? Keep reading to discover the best TV commercials of the 90s.

Vintage Portable Television on Table with Static Screen
Voice Acting
The Best TV Commercials of the 1980s

1980s TV commercials have a lot going for them. In this blog, we take a look at some of these memorable 1980s TV commercials.

old retro analog TV with blank screen for designer, isolated on
The Best TV Commercials of the 1970s

1970 TV was rife with political stresses and cultural anxiety for change. In this article, we review the efficacy of 1970s TV commercials.

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