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Who Are the Voices Behind Major Commercials?

In 2022, we launched ‘The Voice Of’ series. A blog series aimed at answering some of the internet’s most asked questions in the world of voice over: ‘Who is the voice of …?’

In these blog posts, we aim to inform readers on how various voices have become attached to certain brands, television shows, characters and famous animated movies. Some of these voice actors acted on the big screen and later lent their voice to a company that sells cars.


Geico Gecko is memorable, humorous, and has been voiced by several different voice actors since its inception in 1999. #voices #geico #geicogecko #voiceactors #voiceoverartists #voiceovers #voiceoveractor #voiceoverwork #voiceovercommunity

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Others were stage actors that brought to life a major brand’s advertising campaign.

This post is your one-stop-shop to read all of our Commercial and Advertisement ‘Voice Of’ content.

Below is our list of all our current ‘The Voice Of’ Commercial posts:

  1. Who is the Voice of the Geico Gecko?
  2. Who is the Voice of Netflix Film Club?
  3. Who is the Voice of the Burger King Crypto Commercial?
  4. Who is the Voice of Joe Biden 2020 Ads?
  5. Who is the Voice of Buffalo Wild Wing Commercials?

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