a man wth headphones on facing away from camera and looking out at a view of a lush green forest with low handing clouds.
3D Binaural Audio Ads Making Waves in Digital Audio...

3D Binaural ads are the next hot topic in digital audio advertising. It's being used by brads large and small, and offers a truly unique listening experience.

podcast interview room, white head phones and mic, 2 people 1 male 1 female
5 Things You Should Do Before Relaunching an Old...

Voices relaunched the Vox Talk podcast and learned 5 key takeaways from the process. Read about how to make your own podcast relaunch a successful one.

Collage of voice actors who mane up the Voice Insiders panel
How Voice Actors Keep Up with Trends and Showcase...

The Voices Insiders tell us how they listen for upcoming voice over trends, what they’re hearing, and how they update their Voices profiles to reflect those...

infographic of podcasting elements including mics, hosts, signal towers, wifi icons, chat bubbles, head phones, and more
How to Start a Podcast and Measure Its Impact in 2023

Here's how to start a podcast, with expert advice on planning, finding guests, promoting the show, measuring performance, and more.

Outsourcing audio editing
Outsourcing Your Audio Editing

Learn why voice actors and creative producers alike are outsourcing their audio editing to professional audio engineers.

Young woman listening to educational podcast
Educational Podcasts: Learning Through Audio

Educational podcasts are a strong way to enlighten your listeners with educational content. Get inspiration and learn how to create your own!

an Amazon Smart Speaker sitting on an end table next to a woman who looks pleased to own the smart speaker.
How to Make Alexa Flash Briefing Skills

How to make Alexa skills, and how the Alexa Flash Briefing skill can become a part of your audio content strategy.

A woman sits with her phone in one hand and headphones in her ears. She appears to be listening intently.
Audio Content Strategy: 5 Examples of Audio Blogs

Your audio content strategy needs to include audio on your blog. Get inspiration on how 5 leading publications have built their audio blog.

A group of four young adults gather together to listen to and watch what is on their friend's cellphone. They're all laughing and looking like they're having a good time.
Rise of the Audio Blog

Why enhance a blog with audio? We'll show you five reasons why creating an audio blog will serve your brand and your audience. Read more.

audio guides for the future
Soundwalks: The Audio Guide of the Future

A look at the company Soundwalkrs and how they have innovated audio guides for the travel and tourism industry.

Audio Recording – Creating Your Own Ads

Creating your own online ads might not be as difficult as you think. Get tips and tricks to create your own audio.

Digital network
What is an Audio Ad Network?

Read more about audio ad networks, how they work, and how you can take advantage, including examples of targeted ad providers.

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