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The Top 44 Conversational AI Frameworks 

Keaton Robbins | March 14, 2023

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Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is breaking into the mainstream.

In this article

  1. Accenture 
  2. Ada
  3. Almawave
  4. Amelia
  5. ASAPP 
  6. Openstream.ai
  7. Verint
  8. NeuraFlash 
  9. Voiceflow
  10. Lenovo AI
  11. Omilia 
  12. Parly
  13. Quantiphi
  14. Voicify
  15. Vonage
  16. Ushur
  17. Veritone 
  18. Qualcomm 
  19. Replicant 
  20. Verizon 
  21. OpenAI 
  22. Servisbot
  23. Haptik 
  24. Interactions 
  25. Pypestream
  26. DRUID 
  27. DeepMind 
  28. Forethought 
  29. INVOCA 
  30. Twilio 
  31. Nvidia 
  32. Ultimate 
  33. Odigo 
  34. Tovie AI 
  35. Salesforce 
  36. Genesys 
  37. Coveo  
  38. Uniphore 
  39. Inbenta 
  40. PolyAI 
  41. LivePerson 
  42. XOKind
  43. Zaion 
  44. The Future of Conversational AI Frameworks

As emergent technologies promise innovations in artificial intelligence, conversational AI systems and mechanical systems that can recognize speech and respond in kind have taken the world by storm. 

The AI frameworks on this list provide scientists and developers with the tools they need to build and train their models, and they represent some of the most sophisticated systems available.

Read on to learn more about the top conversational AI frameworks.


Accenture offers some of the most sophisticated conversational AI systems available. This company prioritizes transparency and accessibility, and its AI systems promise to reshape markets and optimize themselves over time. 

Accenture was named one of Fortune’s most admired companies and one of the world’s most valuable brands, with over $82 billion of funding. 


Ada is a leading provider in the conversational framework market, and the company caters to leading customer-service-focused enterprises like Meta, Verizon, MailChimp, Shopify, and more. 

Ada empowers businesses to automate their capabilities and scale support alongside their operations. 

Ada is a partner of OpenAI, the famous creator of ChatGPT.


Almawave is an AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) framework that aims to streamline information classification and extraction for particular domains. It leverages the power of open-source technology to solve complex communication issues by generating innovative interaction models with computer systems.


Amelia is the global leader in enterprise-level AI solutions for various business sectors, including banking, healthcare, insurance, and more.

Amelia leverages the power of data to learn and scale alongside the business continuously, and it performs in over a hundred languages. 


ASAPP proposes a call center AI cloud that can enhance productivity, operationalize intelligence, and offer real-time solutions to businesses and their customers.

The company offers AI products, including auto transcribing, messaging, voice communications, and more. 


Openstream.ai is an award-winning natural-language framework that caters to Fortune 500 companies. The company aims to optimize operational costs, improve productivity, and empower leaders to reduce overall costs by maximizing efficiency.  

The company’s main product is called Openstream Eva, which has received acclaim from industry leaders.


Verint is a company that helps major brands nurture and enhance their relationships with customers by curating an integrated customer experience across all aspects of the business. 

The company aims to cut inefficiencies created by large organizations to maximize resources and improve culture. 


NeuraFlash was born out of a need for developers with business-related experience. The framework provides end-to-end AI-based solutions to major companies like Amazon and Salesforce. 

This organization prides itself on devising customized AI frameworks and solutions.


Voiceflow is a conversational AI framework that makes it easy for product teams to design and test their AI chat and voice assistants. 

The framework minimizes content chaos and silos, integrating all aspects of the workspace into one area.

Lenovo AI

From leading tech company Lenovo comes an AI framework that purports to bring conversational AI technology out of the lab and into the shared digital landscape. This framework simplifies adoption and offers an optimized infrastructure to improve the customer experience.

Lenovo products are also backed by the company’s award-winning customer service team. 


Omilia is an authentication conversational AI framework that leverages the power of biometric data to assess identity.

This AI framework provides enhanced customer service fulfillment and helps teams and operations meet their goals and better reach their customers.


Parly is an AWS-powered AI framework that promises to revolutionize the insurance industry by delivering intelligent solutions for onboarding, insurance documentation, business processes, and customer service.

This all-in-one AI framework is ideal for insurance companies and has already received significant acclaim from critics.


Quantiphi is a conversational AI framework that fosters customized experiences in customer service. The framework aims to improve efficiency for business operations, making it accessible and affordable for most customers.

Quantiphi has been in the AI space since 201 and aims to bring more AI products to customers. 


Voicify provides end-to-end SaaS solutions to enterprises in need of branded voice assistants.

The Voicify Experience Platform allows businesses to locate their AI capabilities in one place, enabling brands to create engaging voice applications from the platform easily. 

The company is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and manages over $2 million. 


Vonage is a conversational AI framework that provides personalized customer service and employee workflow solutions. 

The Vonage Communications Platform allows users to build their no-code tools, deploy scrips, and allow for native integrations. 

This framework allows businesses to leverage the latest AI technologies without abandoning their current tools.  


Ushur provides no-code, fully functional AI solutions for businesses seeking to improve micro-engagement. 

The company provides end-to-end customer service solutions and intelligent automation every step of the way.  


Veritone’s generative AI system allows users to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to improve client data, media, and communication workflows.

Veritone prioritizes innovation and sharing to make AI more accessible to everyone, and the company has released several high-tech AI products.


Qualcomm is an organization that aims to integrate AI into all capabilities, including mobile, machines, vehicles, and objects.

The company is working on several AI products, including power-efficient on-device AI, edge cloud AI, and more. 


Replicant is a platform that proposes to resolve customer service mixups using artificial intelligence. 

This AI framework offers automation for call centers and customer support teams, allowing integration across apps and mediums.  


The leading mobile tech company Verizon has a conversational AI framework that aims to resolve customer service issues by empowering customers with the tools they need to address their tech problems. 

This framework uses speech recognition to drive customer-focused solutions and improve operations for businesses of all sizes.


OpenAI was founded in 2015 by renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk and his associates.

This company developed and owned the viral chatbot ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence search engine that simulates human responses. 

OpenAI is known for its commitment to ethics in AI and its numerous projects in conversational AI. 


Servisbot is an AI framework for enterprise-level businesses. It promises to automate customer service and employee support systems using comprehensive AI bots. 

It offers multi-bot orchestration, AI insights, low-code tools, and blueprints for use cases, allowing businesses to automate customer conversations without sacrificing quality and personability. 


Haptik provides a conversational AI framework that allows businesses like Equinox, Second Life, P&G, and Disney to build intelligent virtual assistants that tend to their customer service capabilities and workflow experiences.

Haptik allows users to track analytics and drive meaningful outcomes throughout operations.  


Interactions is a company that aims to revolutionize how consumers and brands communicate across platforms. The company has been active since 2004 in providing companies with omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistants powered by artificial intelligence and human design. 


Pypestream is a self-service automation provider that offers affordable, intelligent solutions to everyday communications and customer service needs.

The company works with major corporations like Proctor & Gamble, ADFT, and HBO. 


DRUID is a conversational AI framework that purports to enhance user experiences across platforms. This framework offers no-code authoring, industry analytics, and evaluation tools to help bridge the gap between humans and machines. 

The company prioritizes omnichannel solutions and easy automation at affordable prices.


DeepMind aims to resolve the ethical tensions inherent in AI development by offering intelligent products that align with human values. The company prioritizes ethics in designing its AI frameworks and proposes to introduce systems that consider the betterment of humankind.  


Forethought is a generative conversational AI framework that proposes unlocking workflow efficiency while lowering operational costs. 

This framework offers unparalleled flexibility, and the company works with popular platforms like Asana, Upwork, Crunchbase, Instacart, and more.  


Invoca is a conversational AI leader, providing sophisticated solutions to companies like Aspen Dental, Rise Interactive, Rogers, AAMCO, Mutual of Omaha, and more.

Invoca offers an AI-powered intelligence platform that makes e-commerce experiences smoother and more accessible. 


Twilio offers comprehensive and curated solutions to customer engagement issues by harnessing the power of real-time data.

This conversational AI framework empowers instant communication and allows businesses to scale their casual AI products alongside their operations.  


Nvidia is a tech marketplace leader and renowned for its research and development in the artificial intelligence sector. 

Nvidia’s conversational AI framework allows businesses to leverage super-fast, cutting-edge AI applications without toggling across different platforms.  


Ultimate is a company that provides AI-powered automation for time and resource-strapped businesses to render their operations more efficiently. 

This platform allows users to optimize customer support and cut costs, reducing overall inefficiencies—in over 100 languages.


This company provides comprehensive AI solutions to improve automation across different industries. Odigo provides automatic qualification and augmented agents to boost contact center capabilities, and the platform’s advanced analytics make it easier than ever to make reasonable solutions in the business. 

Tovie AI 

Tovie AI is a conversational AI framework that proposes automating sales, support, and knowledge for businesses and customers. The company promotes research and development to provide cutting-edge customer service solutions across various industries and market sectors.


Salesforce’s Einstein platform is an AI space that allows businesses and individuals to harness the power of the latest developments in AI technologies from anywhere in the world. The platform offers everything businesses need to build and train AI communication systems. 


Genesys is a personalization-first conversational AI framework that aims to deliver scalable AI products to businesses worldwide.

This framework purports to help grow revenue and lower costs while improving overall efficiency and equipping all business community members to resolve common problems. 


Coveo is the only AI platform optimized for the customer experience and offers profit-driving capabilities like product recommendations and personalization features. This framework aims to enhance marketing capabilities by providing a delightful experience for consumers. 


Uniphore is one of the leading participants in the conversational AI community. This company provides customized, comprehensive automation solutions for customer service companies and call centers around the globe. 

The Uniphore framework empowers enterprises to build AI bots and products by democratizing the research and development space.


Inbenta offers a conversational AI framework that needs little to no training. This platform allows businesses to curate comprehensive, intelligent solutions to their needs, including AI chatbots, search engines, and more. 

The patented platform serves significant companies like Allianz, Peloton, Groupon, and more. 


PolyAI provides customer-first artificially intelligent agents and conversational assistants to uncover data-driven opportunities and resolve common troubleshooting issues.

The company caters to businesses across different sectors but specializes in working with banking and financial institutions. 


LivePerson is a conversational AI platform powered by the world’s most extensive data set of human interactions. 

This sophisticated framework offers state-of-the-art solutions to specific customer service needs. 


XOKind is an AI startup that aims to simplify organization, planning, and decision-making. The startup is located in San Diego, California, and manages $3.5 million in funding. The company aims to launch its first product in travel and leisure in 2023.


Zaion is a European-based company that aims to provide customer service solutions grounded in AI technologies. 

Founded in 2017, the company has created comprehensive frameworks for healthcare customer service. Zaion’s AI assistants purport to replace live agents entirely. 

The Future of Conversational AI Frameworks

Recent developments in the artificial intelligence community have made it easier than ever for emergent technologies to capture public interest.

Now more than ever, artificial intelligence is at the forefront of public consciousness. 

Although this list represents only some of the top conversational AI frameworks, you can expect to see many more arise shortly.

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