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Voice Acting
Understanding the Role of Voice Over in Advertising...

The need for voice over is expanding as technology evolves. Most popularly right now: audiobooks, gaming, and voice activated devices.

Voice Acting
3 Tips For Localizing Your Voice Over Script

How businesses can localize their scripts to appeal to their audience based on geographical location and language needs.

Voice Acting
Perks for Movie Actors to Work From Home

Perks of being a movie voice actor: Less Preparation Time, Scripts at Sessions, Achieving the Impossible, and more!

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Voice Acting
Educational Voice Over: Teaching With The Power of the...

Who is hiring for educational narrators? And who is best positioned to be a voice actor in education? Find out here!

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Vocal Health
Where Does Your Voice Naturally Shine?

it is far more common for a voice actor or singer to capitalize on the lower range of his or her instrument than its higher range.

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Mixing Your Podcast

Mixing your podcast is a crucial step in ensuring that you're producing a quality show. Learn more about mixing terms and techniques now.

Voice Acting
3 Tips For How to Pronounce Difficult Names

3 tips to help voice actors pronounce difficult names correctly. Inspired by the famous Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd and his difficult name.

woman holding throat to protect voice
Vocal Health
3 Ways To Protect Your Voice

These 3 quick tips to keep your voice in its optimal state will help you in the short term and the long term.

Voice Acting
Using Myers-Briggs For Character Development

Voice actors can use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment to help build more authentic characters by understanding personality types.

Voice Acting
Walt Disney On Value Proposition

Everyone has a limit to the amount of money they invest in a given project. But money isn't the only currency we have to invest when we apply our...

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Entertainment Commercial Sample Scripts

Get inspired to write or practice your voice over skills, with this sample sports script and television show commercial script!

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Voice Acting
The History of ACTRA

Curious about the history of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists (ACTRA)? Read about ACTRA here.

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