Sample Scripts

Sample Scripts
Alexa Skill Example Voice Over Script

Are you looking for an Alexa Skill example to build your first smart speaker offering? Use our free Alexa Skill script to start the process.

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Voice Choice Impacts Customer Brand Trust

Are you struggling to gain brand trust with your customer base? The voice you choose to represent your brand makes all the difference.

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7 Innovations That Are Transforming Accessible Tech

Accessible technology is evolving at a rapid rate. From multi-line braille display to wearable keyboards, we look at the 7 best innovations.

Animated image of a group of employees reading papers standing in front of a bank and being instructed by a teacher.
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Financial Sales Training Voice Over Scripts

Voice over scripts for a financial institution's internal sales training are hard to come by. We have you covered with great examples.

Animated image of a man and a woman holding a large coin in front of a bank.
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Financial Institution Advertisement Voice Over Scripts

Voice over scripts for any financial institution advertising campaign is a dime-a-dozen. Use this free voice over script example to practice.

Animated image of a doctor, nurse and patient looking at a TV in front of a hospital.
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Healthcare Patient Care Training Video Voice Over Scripts

Free healthcare patient care training video voice over scripts are almost impossible to find. That's why we're giving you this free resource.

Image for medical sample scripts - image of three medical professionals in front of a hospital.
Sample Scripts
Medical Sample Scripts – Explainer Video

If you're creating an explainer video for the medical industry, these medical sample scripts can serve as inspiration to get the job done.

Animated image of two employees standing in front of a bank, watching a TV.
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Financial Explainer Video Voice Over Scripts

Looking for any kind of free explainer video voice over scripts? Well, we have financial explainer video voice over sample scripts for you!

A man and a woman exploring insurance
Sample Scripts
Explainer Video Scripts for the Insurance Industry

These explainer video scripts for insurance companies will inspire your scriptwriting skills. Or use these sample scripts for your next demo.

Animated image with blue background showing a man and woman holding an umbrella in front of their house, with a film crew filming them.
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Insurance Advertisement Voice Over Scripts

Looking for free voice over scripts for an insurance advertisement campaign? We have you covered with an online, TV and radio ad example.

Woman at a computer studying
Sample Scripts
Technical Sample Scripts

Looking for technical voice over scripts to get your medical and science jargon down? These sample scripts will get you there!

A young male vagabond is walking in the barren desert-like wilderness with a film crew following close behind.
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Movie Trailer Voice Over Sample Scripts: Male Lead

This sample movie trailer voice over script is great for you to practice a voice for a male lead in a full-length movie spot.

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