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The Role of Written Content Today

Written content is still overwhelmingly popular with both consumers and marketers despite audio content’s prevalence.

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How to Create Audio Ads: 8 Tips for Digital Advertising

Audio ads are being used more and more often every year. Read our detailed guide on how to create audio ads to get ahead of your competitiors

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How to Make an Audiobook [Independent Publishers]

How to make an audiobook—a definitive guide for independent publishers. Part 1 of 3: what to consider before going into production.

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How to Transcribe a Podcast to Grow Your Audience

When it comes to podcast transcription, there are three methods to choose from: automatic transcription, finding a service, or DIY.

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The Best Podcasts for Creatives in 2022

If you want to feel inspired to develop new creative habits in 2022, here's a list of the best podcasts for creatives.

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Educational Podcasts: Learning Through Audio

Educational podcasts are a strong way to enlighten your listeners with educational content. Get inspiration and learn how to create your own!

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Fiction Podcasts and the Next Generation of Audio Storytellers

Fiction podcasts have exploded into one of the most popular new storytelling mediums. Learn what it takes to create your own fiction podcast.

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How to Make Alexa Flash Briefing Skills

How to make Alexa skills, and how the Alexa Flash Briefing skill can become a part of your audio content strategy.

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How to Improve Learning Retention for Training Content

Creating engaging training content is no small feat. Learn how to employ voice over to develop training material that learners can remember.

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Voice Over
5 Things You Need to Know Before Self-Publishing an Audiobook

Don't self-publish your audiobook without reviewing this list first! 5 things that every author and self-publisher should consider first!

When Voiceovers on TV Series Work

There are TV shows/series that are great shows, but from time to time – sometimes too often – use voiceovers in a way that does not enhance the show.

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