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Create Narrated Presentations to Elevate Your Brand

‘Slide’ Your Way to Thought Leader Status with Amazing Presentations that Truly Speak to Your Audience

Establishing thought leadership can feel as daunting as climbing Mount Everest. Just when you think you’ve reached the top, an avalanche of new competitor content buries your hard effort. Last year alone, 2 million blog posts were written each day… And the rate of online content generation shows no signs of slowing down.

Cutting through the digital clutter requires a fair degree of resourcefulness. That includes working smarter – not harder by re-purposing content in increasingly creative ways.

Using Slide Presentations as Reusable Content

One such nugget of ‘re-purposable content gold,’ is the slide presentation.

Whether you use slideshows to pitch to clients or to train your staff, chances are, you’ve spent a good deal of time and attention ensuring that they look great and communicate valuable information.

With a few small tweaks, these colorful and well-thought out pieces can be re-purposed for the great-wide online world, where they can help generate awareness, engagement and even leads.

Whether you re-purpose your presentation as a downloadable resource on your website, add collateral on your company Linkedin Page, upload it to Slideshare or post it to social media, the ways to use presentations for lead generation are diverse.

How to Add Narration to Your Presentation

Adding narration is a creative way to ensure that your brand voice is heard, even when you can’t be there to present your content yourself.

Here are ‘how-to resources’ for the technical side of adding narration:

Take Your Narration to the Next Level with a Professional Voice Over Narration

For some, the ability to provide a natural and engaging vocal performance comes naturally.

However, for others, hearing our own voice can sometimes be an eye-opening experience (here’s the scientific reason why our recorded voice sounds different).

For those who don’t like what they’re hearing, it can be tempting to clam up or to pass the task of recording the narration on to someone else. But if you’d like to better control your voice, there are some tips and tricks to help you improve your vocal performance.

If you want to put a greater polish on the performance – there’s an easy way to go one step above the competition…

Hire a Voice Actor to Narrate a Presentation

There’s no two ways about it, narration is a true performance – and when it’s delivered by a professional, you can quite literally hear the difference.

Professional voice actors can add character and life to your presentation, as well as free you or your staff from having to set up recording equipment and set time aside for multiple takes and editing.

When you post your job with Voices, you can save those valuable work hours, reducing them down to a fraction of the time. Voices voice actors have turned jobs around under incredibly short timelines, all with a professional performance that matches your brand voice and vision.

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