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Best Explainer Video Voice Over Qualities

Great explainer videos not only have the best visuals, but also attractive voice overs that instantly catch the viewer’s attention. One great example is Mint’s personal finance explainer video, which shows how good animation can be supplemented with an attractive voice over. With the average human attention span decreasing, you need a voice over that keeps the viewers glued to the screen, ensuring that your message leaves a memorable mark on them.

Learn about the best explainer video voice over qualities and see how brands are successfully utilizing them in their campaigns.

Finding the Best Explainer Video Voice Over Qualities

The qualities in your voice over determine the kind of impression you leave on your audience. For example, using an emotional voice over in a global warming explainer video will help you emphasize the seriousness of the issue.

Your explainer video voice over can have a lasting impact on your audience. According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, watching one minute of video online is comparable to reading 1.8 million written words.

Subsequently, voices are powerful tools that can transcend barriers like low literacy and geography, allowing you to reach an equally tremendous audience. Find out which video voice over qualities appeal the most to audiences.

Top 6 Vocal Qualities for Explainer Videos

1. Believable Voice Over 

A believable voice over narrates every word in a meaningful manner, making your brand message appear plausible to the viewers. Your brand relies on the narrative you create and a believable voice will certainly make your brand vision appear well thought-out and credible, even if your idea is slightly out there.

A majority of explainer videos display new ideas, making it crucial for your voice over to be convincing as audiences are usually wary about unique products or services. A believable voice will supplement your unique products or services, by showing that it is worth investing in. 

Similarly, a believable voice must also be relatable. For example, viewers in South Asia might not believe an Australian accent because they may view it as foreign or strange. They are more likely to believe in a voice that they can relate to, and this is why your voice must also keep the target audience in mind. 

Amazon Go’s explainer video uses a believable voice, which carefully explains how their innovative stores make shopping for groceries quick and easy. To viewers, the technologically-complex service actually seems very simple because the voice over explains it clearly, and with confidence.

2. Friendly Tone

A friendly voice over shows the audience how approachable and caring your brand is by using a kind and helpful tone. Friendly voices are highly expressive and informal, bringing a human touch to your explainer video. We see more and more brands adopting this voice over quality, because it helps them connect with their audience on a more personal level.

Gigtown’s explainer video voice over addresses the viewer as a friend, expressing the benefits of their service in a fun and informal way. The colorful graphics and expressive voice over, shows how the brand is approachable and caring, qualities which will definitely attract potential customers.

3. Conversational Style Voices

Conversational voice overs are more engaging because they avoid using the formal, announcer style of voice. Instead, they convey your brand message in a more colloquial way, which avoids intimidating your audience. Most importantly, when considering the do’s and don’ts of your brand voice, consider that conversational tones have been shown to invite engagement with your brand. they boost audience engagement by raising questions, allowing people to join the conversation by taking it to social media platforms. 

Collaboration Squared’s explainer video uses a conversational voice over to emphasize the benefits of their product. The voice over asks the viewers several rhetorical questions to get them thinking about the benefits of video conferencing, showing how a conversational voice can be simple, yet highly effective.

4. Authentic Sounding Voices

An authentic voice over aligns with your brand voice by clearly expressing your brand’s identity and values, allowing audiences to understand your overall vision.

This explainer video shows how Flokk deeply believes in a green future and is willing to find innovative production processes to achieve a sustainable way of production. Their voice over clearly explains the strides they are taking to reduce their environmental impact, and this transparency shows how authentic their brand is. 

5. Articulate and Clear Voices

An articulate voice over is clear and compelling, explaining your brand’s overall message in a straightforward manner. The voice over should carefully pronounce each word and focus on explaining the brand’s message is a simple manner.

Ahrefs’ explainer video voice over is highly articulate, successfully describing why you need their product and how you can reap its benefits in multiple ways. Even though the script has technical jargon, it is easy to understand because they use an articulate and engaging voice actor, showing how voice over quality greatly matters in an explainer video. 

6. Humorous Voice Over Styles

Using humor is a great way of connecting with your audience, as it shows your brand has a personality and makes the explainer video enjoyable to watch.

Infusing humor into an explainer video voice over script requires a lot of consideration, as you don’t want to go overboard or risk sounding crude. There are several ways you can make your voice over humorous. Using exaggeration or sarcasm are some of the more clever ways to make viewers chuckle. 

Disconnect’s adorable octopus and quirky animations contrast with the seriousness of internet security, making the viewer laugh at the unusual combination. Humor is also intelligently added through the monotone voice over, accompanied by fun visuals, showing Disconnect’s overall personality.

Get the perfect voice over for your explainer video 

When it comes to creating an explainer video that engages and converts your audience, you have a lot of voice over options to choose from. On Voices alone, there are hundreds of voice over styles to browse.

You can also search our diverse community of voice actors by style, accent, language, age, location, or role.

What voice over qualities suit your brand image? Let us know in the comments below!

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