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How To Change Text To Speech Voice On TikTok?

In 2016, the app famously known as TikTok was released in China. It became available worldwide in 2018 after merging with Music.ly and hit two billion downloads in October 2020. 

Today, very few people don’t have the app or haven’t at least heard of it, as it is now the most downloaded social app in the world, surpassing Facebook. The personalized algorithm allows viewers to customize precisely what they see, making for the ultimate entertainment experience. 

The video voice over feature on TikTok has allowed hundreds of voice actors to find work with brands like Voices. As a result, Voices has quickly become the #1 voice over marketplace and offer voice over, translation, and audio production services. 

TikTok has transformed the voice over industry through the impact of sounds. A study on exactly why sound is different with TikTok reports that the combination of video with attention-grabbing sounds engages the brain and activates a watcher’s interest. Because of this, the watcher will slow down and focus more on the content. 

How Do You Post A Video On TikTok? 

For any voice actor, social media is an absolute necessity. They need to know the ups and downs, the ins and outs, and not be held back by a lack of know-how on any given site. 

TikTok isn’t any different, and it’s critical to know how it works and learn to utilize the platform to seek out opportunities. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on using TikTok to upload a video, from downloading the app to posting the final product. 

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play, and download TikTok. 
  2. If you don’t have an account, sign up. You can browse the app as a guest but can not post videos. 
  3. Once you have signed up with TikTok, click the plus sign at the bottom of the main page. 
  4. The previous step should bring you to the camera screen, where you can choose a filter or effect, set a timer, or change the speed at which you wish to record. 
  5. When ready to record, tap the red circle to record without stopping, or hold down and release it to record in increments. 
  6. You can slide your finger up or down to zoom in and out by holding down the record button.
  7. If you have recorded your video in increments, you can select ‘adjust clips’ to cut out any parts you don’t want. 
  8. You can add additional filters and effects on this screen, as well as text, captions, voice over, stickers, and voice effects. 
  9. When you are satisfied with your video, hit next. 
  10. You can choose a cover for your video at this next screen by picking a frame to use as the thumbnail. You can also add a description or hashtags that will appear underneath your video once posted. 
  11. This screen is also where you will select your privacy options, who you want to see the video, if you would like to tag anyone, and if you will allow comments, duets, or stitches. 
  12. Once you are satisfied with your options, you can either post to your page by hitting “Post” or save it to your private draft folder by tapping “drafts.” 

Tips On Having A Video Go Viral 

While it may seem random which videos go viral on the internet, it’s slightly different with TikTok. Their customized algorithm filters through millions of audio clips and videos every day, and the more people on the app, the better idea of what will do well. 

If you’re trying to reach as many people as possible, the audio, voice overs, and sounds you choose to add to your videos are critical. These, along with the tagline and captions, make a video stand out to a particular group of people. 

For example, if you are trying to post a video about food, don’t put hashtags like #beachday or #vibes; instead, do something more relevant like #snacksfordays or #foodiesunite. 

The audio you choose does not necessarily need to be in line with the topic of the video. Many audios trend over 24 hours, so if you can find those and use them with your videos, you will likely have more success than using outdated audio. 

How to Change Text To Speech Voice On TikTok

Once you get to step 8 in the tutorial above, you have the option to add text to your video that can be read aloud by a voice of your choosing. To change the TikTok voice, follow these steps:

  1. Click “text”
  2. Type out your text 
  3. Click on the speech symbol to the left of your font selection.
  4. Choose which TikTok voice you would like to read your text. 

There are now several different options for voices you can have read your text. Interestingly enough, the original text-to-speech voice originated from Bev Standing, a Canadian voice actress who had no idea the app had been using her voice. 

When Standing found out about the copyright infringement, she sued TikTok for irreparable harm. About two weeks after the lawsuit, TikTok removed the voice option but never confirmed that they had used Standing’s voice. 

Famous Companies That Use TikTok Voice Over

Just about every famous brand in the world has a TikTok account. Some of the most active include Red Bull, McDonald’s, Amazon, and Walmart. Chipotle also has a popular TikTok that often utilizes the text-to-speech feature to explain their recipes. 

It’s common to have a social media manager post a video promoting their brand and proceed to do a voice over or text-to-speech option explaining the details, or just a one-liner, meme, or otherwise crowd-pleasing jargon.


TikTok is built on the collaboration between creators using each other’s sounds. One sound can be the genesis of thousands of different ideas and trends. That singular sound can lead to several viral videos from various creators with different styles and ideas. 

The voice over and text-to-speech features take that a step further, allowing creators to build narration on top of pre-existing sounds, turning one clip into a completely new experience. 

Looking for the right voice for your next TikTok campaign? Check out the world’s largest voice marketplace today.

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