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Did you know that you can connect to a voice-over talent’s recording studio no matter where in the world your studio is located?
If you’re one of our clients who prefer giving live-direction during a recording session, there are many options available to you.

At there are thousands of talent equipped with studios that allow you to be ‘present’ during the recording session, no matter where you live. Not only is that good for you, but live-direction {well, good live-direction} is helpful for the voice talent as well. If you tap into their studio they can get a clearer understanding of the read you’re looking for and give you your vision in fewer takes.
Join VOX Daily as we take a look at some of the ways this can be accomplished whether you live in different cities or across continents.


Integrated Services Digital Network or ISDN is a special phone line offered by some (not all) phone companies. It connects one recording studio to another as though you were actually in the same studio and is generally used for high-end recordings. So, if you are in New York City you could direct someone in L.A., or Australia for that matter, in real-time. You can communicate with your voice talent and both of you simultaneously receive copies of the recording session.

Sounds great on the surface, but there’s a few problems with ISDN. A special Codec (coder-decoder) is required, making the installation and monthly maintenance fees astronomical.
In Canada, only one Phone Company offers it and finding technicians who service ISDN is near impossible. Here, and in most countries around the world, ISDN services are slowly being phased out, becoming a thing of the past.

Source Connect

A growing number of major studios are moving to Source Connect. It’s another way that you can connect to your voice talent’s studio for higher-end projects. It is a far more economical option and many professional voice talent have their studios equipped with it.
It is internet dependent software that easily connects one digital studio to another in real-time. It allows you to tap into the talent’s studio during the recording session so you can listen, direct, and receive the recording immediately.

If you have ISDN and your voice talent has Source Connect you can still work together. You or the talent can create a bridge between your studios so that they can record into your ISDN system. Most voice-over pros know how to set up a bridge.

Phone Patch

If you want to direct a live session but don’t need the file immediately then a talent studio equipped with a phone patch is a good option. It allows you to tap into the recording session and provide real-time direction. Once the final recording is cut the talent sends the files to you.

Be sure to ask what kind of phone patch the talent has. A phone patch can be considered anything from you listening in on speaker phone via a land-line or more sophisticated VoIP services like Skype, or products like Quick Tap. Skype is generally considered the best option for phone patch as it uses the latest in HD VoIP technology, giving the same sound quality you’d hear with ISDN. Yes, really! As with ISDN, HD VoiP creates audio tracks from 100Hz to 6KHz.

Another nice thing about Skype is video conferencing, especially if you are in a different city or country than your voice talent. It allows you to meet face-to-face and have that all important pre-session discussion to let them know your vision for the voice-over.

Finding Voice Talent Equipped for Live Direction

All of the voice talent at have their studio equipment listed on their profiles so you can enter the equipment you need the voice talent to have in the search function at to bring up a listing of talent who can accommodate that.
You can also post your job and list that as a special requirement in your job posting. You’ll get auditions from talent who can meet those needs.

If you are limited on time or have an NDA with a major brand you’re casting for, Contact Us. We’ll manage everything for you and find you the absolute best talent to fulfill your needs while following complete discretion.
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