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Dramatically Improve Your Voice Over Auditions in 5 Minutes or Less

Want book more of the jobs that you audition for? The Mission Audition podcast gives you a backstage pass to what casting people think about the auditions you send in and why they pick the talent that they do.

What’s exciting for us, is the wide array of topics and angles we can take when making our shows. We cover different types of voice acting jobs, audio engineering and editing tips as well as accents, roles and styles. Each episode features candid feedback, engaging perspectives and immediately applicable tips you can work into your auditioning routine and best practices as a professional voice actor.

If you’re subscribing to Voices, you’ll also get advice sprinkled throughout each show on how to make Voices work best for you. We want to see you succeed, and creating this podcast is just one way we’re working hard to show our support for you.

‘What’s In It For Me?’ You Might Ask

No matter how long you’ve been doing voice over, you’re going to learn something. You’re also going to experience community as part of the listening audience and discover awesome people you should know.

Not only will you hear voice over scripts come to life, you can also get your practice on, in the comfort of your own home studio, with those same sample scripts, which are published in the Voices voice over script library. These scripts are always free to use, and can even be used to record your demos.

Episodes So Far Cover:

To Our Audience: We Hear You!

Julianna, Shelley, Jolene and I are ecstatic to hear the feedback we’ve received to date. Our team knew this would be unique and exciting for the voice over community, we just didn’t realize the scale of that uniqueness or excitement!

Mission Audition is reaching people wherever podcasts are heard. A listener in Central Europe wrote in to let us know that even though we are speaking a different language, she gets a lot out of the podcast and is looking forward to learning more about the North American voice over market. From what we’re understanding, this kind of resource is hard to come by in other parts of the world, and even here in Canada and the United States. With that said, Mission Audition is truly on a mission to make a difference all around the world to help voice actors be the best they can be.

If you’ve been commenting on the blog for Mission Audition, keep doing that. It’s so refreshing to speak with you and to know what the show means to you.

What Do You Want to Learn About?

As we sit down and envision what our next several topics will be, we want to include your voice at the table and create valuable learnings that you’re going to laugh about, be challenged by and motivated to take your career, and each audition you do, to the next level.

Be sure to have your favorite writing tools at the ready when listening to the show. Many people are saying that they take pages of notes to help them put the tips and tricks they hear into practice right away in their home recording studios. As mentioned in the title of this article, some of these tips can be implemented immediately, giving you the tools to improve your auditions in 5 minutes or less.

Who Do You Want to Hear on the Show?

Know someone you think would make a great guest for Mission Audition? Be sure to let us know! You can send in nominations to [email protected]

We’re happy to receive nominations for anyone in the industry, be they a voice acting coach, producer, casting director, talent agent or someone else whose perspective is helpful to include when it comes to creating good voice over auditions.

How You Can Make a Difference:

If you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation for Mission Audition, the most meaningful way to do this online is to leave a feedback rating and review of the podcast wherever you’re subscribing to it.

You can find and subscribe to Mission Audition on:

Expect to get a new episode every couple weeks. Each show runs somewhere between 20 minutes on the shorter end and 40 minutes on the longer end.

We look forward to joining your podcast collection and becoming part of your voice acting routine!

As we say at the end of each show, Happy Auditioning.


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