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When the show first came out, we did a little write up about it. Little did we know that one of our members was a contestant on the show!
Hear about Jesse Campbell’s story here and discover where his voice is taking him today on VOX Daily.

Destiny Sings

Jesse Campbell’s instrument has taken him many places over the years. His career began when he was a sixteen year-old singing in a church choir and within a few decades, Campbell found himself center stage as a contestant on the popular NBC program, The Voice.

Campbell, an International recording artist who sings heart-centered, universal music with soul, was attracted to the concept that decision makers such as Christina Aguilera would hear and feel his voice first before seeing him, later learning of his age. Auditioning for The Voice and a few other singing reality shows propelled Jesse Campbell down a path he was destined to walk and have served as a global vehicle to help him show people what he was born to do.

Although Campbell is no longer on The Voice, the memories and lessons learned from the experience are still with him. Campbell relates that, when performing “Fighter” with team Xtina and Christina Aguilera, he “…soaked up every single moment of that experience so that I could recall it during my times of meditation and imagination for the sole purpose of manifestation. I believe that, whatever you think and feel about you bring about. I will get there again – but as a solo artist.”

Jesse Campbell’s New Album and Kickstarter Campaign

When asked how The Voice is helping Campbell with the recording and launching of his new album, Campbell said, “They’ve done their part by giving me the time and space on their platform for as long as I’ve had it. That exposure is yet assisting me in the recording process and beyond.” Since being on The Voice, Campbell has acquired millions of fans and followers who are eagerly awaiting his new release. Not bad, not bad I say.
Jesse Campbell in studio leaning on mixing board Campbell is using, an online funding platform that enables his fans and followers to contribute to the recording process. Through this channel, his fans are also involved and kept engaged throughout Campbell’s music career. Simply put, as Campbell’s fans pre-order the new album, they simultaneously help him to record it. The funds that are raised will assist in the entire recording process. Campbell’s Kickstarter campaign runs until July 28, 2012.’s Role in Jesse Campbell’s Marketing Efforts

Like many who read this blog, Jesse Campbell has a profile on to help him promote his voice. Campbell acknowledges that is using its voice to assist his in being heard by as many people all over the world as possible. Campbell writes, “They ( have taken the audible reins of my many voices and are moving forward throughout our community and Industry bringing awareness to my cause and campaign. My cause is to sing and share my voice, and my campaign is to do it as much as possible. Thank you!”

Advice For Dreamers

When asked what advice he would give to someone who’s up and coming, Jesse shared these encouraging words:
“Keep moving in the direction of desire. You’ll either get there or you’ll be a lot closer than you were before you began. Just keep moving and don’t give up. If you experience a low point in your life, use your voice(s) even while there. You may be surprised at what comes out. And, you might even learn something new….”
– Jesse Campbell

Do Your Feel It’s Your Destiny To Use Your Voice?

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