Pigs wallowing in the mudAre you a leader, a follower or someone who prefers to wallow?

This afternoon I attended a track presented by author Jim Clemmer about leadership at a business conference called “Gearing Up For Growth” presented by the TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario.
Your choice, whether it be to lead, follow or wallow will greatly determine your success, your personal well being and the opportunities you choose to take advantage of.
In this article, we’ll profile each personality type as it relates to voice over. Take a minute to see where you fit in!

Fortes Fortuna Adiuva

Does fortune favor the bold? The choices you make are critical and directly relate to where you find yourself today.
When I was listening to Jim Clemmer, I took some notes down that I thought you’d be interested to read as they pertain to the voice over industry. This topic was a bit harder to tackle from the perspective of strictly voice over but it’s the general behaviors more than anything that we should be aware of.


Boldness is a trait inherent in many leaders, and although it may manifest itself in different ways, that boldness often translates to success in the realm of business when it comes to change.
A leader thinks along the lines of “How can we capitalize on this change, audition or networking opportunity?”
It takes courage and direction to go places no one has ever gone, to try things that haven’t been achieved before or to gain the confidence of those around you whom you hope to work with.
When you choose to lead, it may come at a great risk… similarly, there can also be great reward for those brave enough to rise to the challenge.

Voice Talent Leaders May:

๏ Experiment with demos
๏ Study with different teachers
๏ Host local voice over group meetings
๏ Invest heavily in their business
๏ Send newsletters to their customers
๏ Be on the cutting edge technology wise
๏ Capitalize on trends
๏ Keep their finger on the pulse of the industry
๏ Use Social Media to promote themselves
๏ Write a blog
๏ Have their own podcast
๏ Mentor others
๏ Book public speaking engagements


A follower is someone who finds that it is easier to let someone else lead. They observe and make decisions based upon determined outcomes as established by those who have gone before.
Followers live in a “Let’s wait and see what happens” mode, transitioning along the way cautiously, and are sometimes robed in a cloak of hopeful skepticism.
A follower, while not comfortable enough to make the first move, is more than happy to give something a go when they have heard good things about it from their family, friends, peers or the media.

Voice Talent Followers May:

๏ Make decisions based upon the experiences of others
๏ Want information given to them and will not necessarily seek it out
๏ Be more careful with their money
๏ Advertise less or have less visibility
๏ May blog or podcast casually
๏ Utilize social media channels
๏ Study with only one or two teachers
๏ Keep a lower profile and may not do as much to market themselves
๏ Copy what others are doing in efforts to achieve similar success


Wallowers are people who let cynicism get the best of them.
To paraphrase a quote from Mr. Burns on The Simpsons, these people may be “free wallow in their own crapulence.”
Someone who wallows rolls around in the proverbial mud and makes little effort to hope let alone lead.

Voice Talent Wallowers May:

๏ Tear down or be critical of their peers
๏ Not seek out help or instruction
๏ Resent and blame other people and companies for their own lack of success
๏ Always see the negative as opposed to the positive side
๏ Prefer to complain instead of finding a solution on their own
๏ Point out problems without identifying or suggesting solutions
๏ Disregard the advice of others (usually out of pride)
๏ Participate in negative ways on blogs, in forums and so on
I tried my best to discuss behaviors without being too negative with regard to the description of activities for those who may wallow. There are surely positives and I welcome your suggestions in the comments as I feel wallowers are not all bad 🙂

To Lead, To Follow or To Wallow?

Which road will you take? Ultimately the decision is up to you.
I’m confident that there are points we can add to this discussion and I welcome your thoughts! As one person I can only offer up what I know or wish to communicate and the floor is now yours.
How do you see each of these roles as they pertain to voice over?
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
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