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Alexa Skill Example Voice Over Script

Are you looking for an Alexa Skill example to build your first smart speaker offering? Use our free Alexa Skill script to start the process.

An animation of an old school typewriter with handwritten notes and papers on a blue desk.
9 Storytelling in Marketing Trends to Track in 2022

Storytelling in marketing is a hot topic these days. Let the former New York Times brand content editor walk you through the trends to track.

An illustrated graphic depicts a man looking out over the edge of a cliff through a telescope, as though gazing into the future
Industry Research
2019 Trends Report: What’s Coming for Voice Actors and Creatives

Prepare for success with these 2019 trends in voice over and marketing, assembled from Voices survey and data. Get ahead of the curve!

Press Release folder
How Tos
Podcast Press Release Template

Now that your podcast is launching, make sure the world knows! This podcast press release template will help you get the word out.

Ilyana Kadushin on becoming a successful audiobook narrator.
Creative Inspiration
Becoming an Audiobook Narrator with Ilyana Kadushin

Ilyana Kadushin speaks on becoming an audiobook narrator for the "Twilight" saga by Stephenie Meyer.

A brunette man in a plaid shirt with blue headphones around his neck stares at a computer screen with a confused expression as if he's trying to decipher a voice over script.
How Voice Talent Can Approach Clients with Scripting...

Brian Kirchoff shares his tips on how to approach clients to address voice over script obstacles like vague artistic direction and difficult industry jargon.

A man sits surrounded by equipment like headphones, a soundboard, a preamp and speakers. You can see the man's hands and arms only as the operate the computer and the preamp.
Home Studio
What’s on Your Tech Wish List?

Looking for something new to put in your booth? Or a good mic recommendation? Learn what top talent can't live without!

Using Brand Names in Your Voice Over Demo?

If you’re using brand names such as McDonald’s, Ford, or Pepsi and you actually didn’t record for them officially, read this post.

female voice talent, microphone, pop filter
Does Your Voice Acting Profile Do Your Talent Justice?

Want to attract more clients to hear your voice? Discover how easy it is to get your voice over demos uploaded and searchable at Voices.

podcasts from voices of the industry panels
Podcast: Customer Service Philosophies

Tommy Griffiths, a skilled voice actor, recently moderated a panel discussion on how to build relationships with clients and other critical aspects to customer...

Growing Your Business
Why Businesses Should Have A Pro Voice On Their...

Voice talent and speech coach Jill Tarnoff shares her experiences calling in to book appointments with a healthcare provider and setting the tone.

Growing Your Business
Voice Acting’s Toughest Legal Questions Answered...

Is it OK to use copyrighted material in your demo? What could happen if you use a script from an audition that you didn’t win for promotional purposes?

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