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Relaxed Black Man In Wireless Headset Using Mobile Phone Listening To Audiobook Sitting On Modern Chair Against Window Indoor
Voice Over
Choosing The Right Voice for Your Audiobook

Finding the right source for your voice over project can be tricky. Luckily, finding the right talent has never been easier.

Woman practicing vocal warm ups
Voice Over
7 Vocal Warm Ups That Work Wonders

Looking for vocal warm ups that work wonders for your voice? We walk through 7 key vocal warm ups for singers and voice actors.

Male audio producer sits at desk looking intently at a computer screen where he is using audio software to design a sonic logo
How We Created the Voices Sonic Logo

Need inspiration for establishing your brand’s audio identity? Read the story of how we created the Voices sonic logo from scratch.

person wearing red headphones sitting in front of a computer editing audio.
Audio Editing Practices for Beginner Freelance Audio...

Don't have much experience editing audio files other than your own? Here are 3 audio production exercises to begin training for your audio production freelance...

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Voice Over
Setting Your Voice Actor Salary

Voice actor salaries differ on a project or hourly basis. We've created a voice actor rates guide to help you understand what to expect.

A woman using a bullhorn
How to Create Audio Ads: 8 Tips for Digital Advertising

Audio ads are being used more and more often every year. Read our detailed guide on how to create audio ads to get ahead of your competitiors

woman sitting at desk, writing in a notebook to her right, computer in front of her, and a podcasting mic to her left. She is planning a podcast.
How to Plan a Podcast in 2022

Learn how to plan your podcast, write a podcast script, plan your segments & start producing quality podcast episodes today.

Voice Over
How to Start Voice Acting in 2022

From voice over coaching to setting salaries and auditioning, here's all the info you need to start doing voice over!

Animation of man and robot looking at each other with a voice icon in between them
When to Use Synthetic Voices: An AI Voice Guide for...

Our Synthetic Voice Matrix tells you when an AI voice is suitable to use for your project and uncovers the pros and cons of synthetic voices.

A book with pages flipped open
How Tos
Glossary of Voice Over Terms

Feel like you're lost in jargon? Learn about voice over terms in this glossary that outlines words and phrases used in studio and beyond.

man sitting in front of a computer with a text file on the screen
What a Transcription Service Can Do For Digital Marketing

Trasncriptions of your video and audio content play a major role in your 2022 digital marketing strategy, here's why and how to use them!

man sitting outside with headphones on, looking at his phone
How Tos
Sonic Branding: Designing Your Voice

Sonic branding has never been more important in your digital audio advertising plans. With these exercises and examples, learn how to design your sonic brand...

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