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Platinum Sunset and the Future Vision for Talent

The Platinum Membership is Being Retired; Here’s Why and What’s Next

  • For the last decade, Voices has offered an exclusive membership called the Platinum Membership that sold for $2999/year.  
  • Voices is moving from a pay-for-access based service to a merit-based system, discontinuing the Platinum membership as a result.
  • Voices is providing prorated refunds and running the service as-is, completely free for current Platinum members from now until the end of the year and giving Platinum members a free Premium membership for all of 2023.
  • Platinum members will be provided with Top Talent status, the first step in the upcoming Achievements feature to be launched in 2023.

The History of the Platinum Membership

Platinum started with good intentions, providing an exclusive paid membership tier that provided greater visibility on the platform. Here’s what it included:


We established that to provide the required level of service, a dedicated account manager, and direct access to a public relations specialist, we could only serve a limited group. We landed on a maximum of 100 talent: 50 male voice actors and 50 female voice actors.

Invitation Only

We invited talent who had a track record of success on the platform, eventually only extending invitations to those who had booked 100 jobs or more on the site.


The most popular feature was access to the “firehose,” inviting talent to all jobs that matched their profile. 

Prioritized Placement in Search

Another popular feature was the priority placement in the search results that yielded many private invitations from clients inviting them, or a small group of talent, to audition for a voice over job.

Publicity Opportunities

We offered public relations campaigns that included press releases, pitching journalists and landing stories in media outlets.

These benefits translated into results for the talent, most doing quite well.

Business Based on Shared Success

When I reflected on our guiding philosophy, which is to build a business that’s based on shared success, I realized that the more value we added to the Platinum membership, the less time and attention we dedicated to innovating the Premium membership. 

As a Founder and CEO, I want to build an online platform that supports voice talent who are engaged, recognizes them for their talent, and rewards them for their success. This means we’ll be focusing on one membership, the Premium membership.

Success on Voices should be within reach of all talent, and those who get to the top are there because they earned it.

Retiring the Platinum Membership

The Platinum membership will no longer be offered as of today. Platinum members as of October 1, 2022 will receive a prorated refund for the remaining time on your membership.

During that time the Platinum membership will run as is, with job invitations being sent at the same rate Platinum talent have come to expect throughout the year.

Plus, we’ll be giving those Platinum members a free Premium membership for all of 2023.

Introducing Achievements and Top Talent

Talent who have completed 100 jobs on Voices will be awarded with Top Talent status later this year, a new earned status in the upcoming Achievements Program.

The Top Talent badge will appear within talent accounts, and most importantly, on public profiles. This badge will immediately indicate the quality and caliber of talent to prospective and existing clients looking to hire a pro.

Top Talent will include visibility throughout the platform, with the badge in key placements where clients are evaluating talent, as well as the recently launched “Editors’ Picks” feature that showcases talent on our Home Page.

Top Talent is a merit-based program, not a membership. It can only be earned, never purchased.

The qualification to be a Top Talent is that you’ve completed 100 jobs on Voices. Anyone who has completed 100 jobs, including Guests, Premium, and those current Platinum members will be provided with the badge later this year. For more on Top Talent status, check out this blog post.

A full launch of Achievements will go live in 2023 providing a voice acting career development path for aspiring talent, rising stars, and all the way up to becoming a Top Talent.

Building a Future Together

It’s my hope that together we can continue to build the best website for voice actors and the go-to destination for clients looking to find the best talent. We can do this together.

Kind regards,


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