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7 Tips for Producing Great Audio Recordings on the iPhone

Have you ever recorded on your iPhone before?
With the new Voices app, talent are maximizing their ability to audition while out of the studio, and even while on a break at jury duty!
Find out how you can get the most out of the audio produced on your iPhone in today’s VOX Daily.

Producing Great Audio On Your iPhone

Whether you’re recording auditions on the go or recording from the comfort of your home, we’ve compiled seven quick tips to ensure you are producing great audio recordings from your iPhone using the Voices iPhone App.

7 Tips For Recording From Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

  1. Get a glass of water. Stay hydrated during your recording session.
  2. Consider doing some vocal warm ups. Some voice talent even start with some tongue twisters and other vocal exercises such as humming, opening and closing your mouth to stretch the muscles.
  3. Rehearse the script. That’s right. Read through the script several times to get comfortable with all the words you’re going to say. And, don’t just read in your head, read the script aloud at a normal speaking voice.
  4. Do a quick test before recording a longer script. Speak into the microphone and ensure that the recording level doesn’t go into the red. Doing so may cause the recording to sound distorted.
  5. Listen back to see if you hear any distortion or other background noises. Listen with headphones plugged into your device as you’ll be able to hear more clearly exactly what you just recorded.
  6. Keep a consistent distance from the microphone throughout the recording. Moving throughout the recording will cause portions of the recording to sound close and other portions distant.
  7. Record in a quiet location such as a bedroom or closet. Generally speaking, the more soundproof the better and you can achieve this by hanging blankets on your walls or if you have large pieces of foam those work well too.

Recording On The Go

A while back, we published an article about the weirdest places talent record auditions from. Dave Pettitt sent us this great audio clip sharing some weird and wonderful places he’s recorded from out of the studio. Dave sent this to us before the app was released and paints the picture of what it could be like to audition from your smart phone. Take a listen!

For your convenience, I’ve included a link to an article that discusses 5 compatible USB microphones for recording on mobile devices.
You might be curious about a Voices app for Android. Rest assured, there will be one coming out for Android users within the year.

Do You Have Any Other Tips You Would Like To Share?

If you’ve been using the app to record, what have you been doing to make your recordings the best they can possibly be?
Let us know!
Best wishes,

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  • Avatar for Howard Ellison
    Howard Ellison
    May 22, 2012, 9:07 am

    What excellent tips. One more: place the phone on some kind of stand, or suspend it, to avoid handling noises.

  • Avatar for Sacha Criado
    Sacha Criado
    May 22, 2012, 1:08 pm

    I see that it’s possible to audition with the Iphone, but how is the quality of the recordings? It’s supposed that clients want to listen your studio quality. Is possible to edit the audio?