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Get Help Budgeting with Recommended Budgets

When it comes to delivering a rock solid creative project, arguably nothing is more important than the quality of the creative itself. The next most critical aspects are whether   the project was delivered on time and on budget. At Voices, we’ve designed and developed a marketplace that ensures you have fast and easy access to high-quality voice over.With our latest update, we decided to focus on budgeting, and we’re  excited to announce the full rollout of our recommended budget engine to all clients.

Now, when you  post a non-broadcast job (i.e. a job that seeks voice over that will not be used on radio, television, or a paid internet advertisement), you will see a Recommended Budget widget added to the bottom of the Budget section of the Job Posting Form:

This widget indicates that jobs similar to yours that were previously hired for and successfully completed on Voices were posted at the recommended budget amount. 

The recommended budget uses a machine learning-based algorithm to look at past jobs successfully completed on Voices that are similar to the one you are posting. We look at factors like the voice language, accent requirements, usage, whether or not you’ve included a custom script, and the type of creative service that you’re looking for, to find similar past jobs where clients found the talent they were looking for at the right price. This information, plus analysis of budget trends, determines the recommended budget for your project.

This recommended budget is custom and personalized to the specifics of your job posting and is intended to assist you in finding the right budget for your job. An accurately priced job increases the likelihood that the right talent will respond to your job and that the talent you hire will complete the job to your satisfaction.

Of course, this recommended budget is just that, a recommendation. If you have a different budget in mind, you are welcome to post your job at said budget, whether it be higher or lower than the one we recommend. Just think of the recommendation as our way of helping you understand how you can maximize your job’s likelihood of getting quality responses from interested talent. 

Want to Learn More?

As always, if you have questions you can contact a member of our Customer Support Team any time via our support page.

Don’t forget, if you’ve got any feedback regarding this or any other feature on Voices, please send it to

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