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Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone Review 

Voice over technology is ever-changing, and few things have impressed our own Randy Rektor, an audio engineer with over a decade in the recording industry, like the Sennheiser Profile USB microphone. 

Normally, advising new voice actors to steer clear of USB microphones, Randy has found a product that has made him reconsider his stance.

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In this blog, we talk with Randy as well as Robb Blumenreder, Insights Manager at Sennheiser, to explain what makes this mic unique.

Introducing the Sennheiser Profile USB

“The Sennheiser Profile Mic is all about the elegance of simplicity,” Robb said. 

“Creators and podcasters of all levels can effortlessly achieve superior sounding results, as all essential controls are readily at their fingertips as opposed to getting overwhelmed by too many options.”

Randy also believes it could be a great option for voice actors on a budget.

Could This Be a New Contender for Voice Actors?

We are starting to delve more into product reviews; so with the Sennheiser Profile USB, Randy thought it was a good place to start.

Robb also explained why the Sennheiser Profile Mic received such fanfare:

“The Profile Mic is available in two distinct form factors,” Robb said.

“Ensuring excellent value for money when considering their robust metal construction, exceptional audio quality, and user-friendly design.”

Why USB Microphones Have Fallen Short

According to Randy, USB microphones often suffer from crosstalk. 

Robb added his insights into the new era in USB mics:

“USB microphone technology is constantly evolving. Not everyone has to be an audio expert to be a podcaster or content creator, and that is why the Profile is for everyone.”

A Technical Breakthrough

The Sennheiser Profile USB is different. Randy was impressed by its ability to avoid the traditional problems of USB microphones:

What Sets This Mic Apart

1. Compatibility

 It’s versatile, working on MacOS, iPadOS, Windows, and Android.

2. Cardioid Pattern

Perfect for untreated rooms and for rejecting unwanted noise.

3. Configurations

Comes in a desk mount or Streaming Set.

4. Quick Controls

Offers features like mute button, gain control with an LED indicator, and more.

5. Quality Build

Robust with a nice metal housing.

Final Thoughts

Priced at $128 USD for the Profile USB and $199 for the Streaming Set, Randy sees this Sennheiser as an excellent entry point. 

Robb mentioned what users can expect from Sennheiser in the upcoming year or two.

“Our pipeline is full of exciting new solutions for content creators of all levels, and we look forward to continuing to serve this market with innovative technologies for years to come.”

Join the conversation and share your thoughts below. If you’d like to see more reviews like this, let Randy and the Voices team know.

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