Male silhouette on a yellow backgroundHave you heard of a television program called “The Voice” airing on NBC?

While many talent shows for singers have come and go, none that I’m aware of have evaluated talent based solely upon how someone sounds until now.
Are Christina Aguilera and friends taking a leaf out of a voice casting notebook?
Learn more about how The Voice resonates with casting in the world of voiceovers in today’s VOX Daily.

A Show That Judges Based Only on Voice

Based on Holland’s top rated vocal talent show “The Voice of Holland,” NBC’s series “The Voice” premiered on Tuesday, April 26, 2011.
You might be thinking that this is just another American Idol, but the people behind The Voice have an entirely different take on how they judge using only the vocal performance itself as criteria for selection.

How Does It Work?

Talent cannot be seen by the judging panel and only catch a glimpse of the singer they backed or passed on after they’ve put their .02 in.
The judges include professional singers Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. According to the Associated Press, the celebrity judges compete to assemble a team of would-be pop stars with the goal of guiding one toward a record contract and a $100,000 prize.

What Do You Think?

As someone who is booked predominantly based upon how they sound, what are your thoughts? Also, if you’ve been watching the show, please leave a comment with your impressions.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
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  1. Haven’t seen this show but a couple of years ago I conceived a similar TV contest specifically for voice over talents being judged strictly on their voice, presentation and public appeal. Obviously we know the different categories our business entails so contestants would have to deliver their best reads on the spot in each of the selected categories. No judges, all majority audience results and since anonymity would be required it would least likely be a popularity vote. However reknown Voice Talents would participate as “voice coaches” to each contestant through a randomn selection. The of course “unseen” voice over artist compete to win a year contract as the spokesperson for a major client sponsor. Even the “losers” stand a chance to win as such exposure could boost or begin their careers though they’d be under contract not to reveal they are competing through out the entire season of the show. I had other elements to it I’ll reserve saying for obvious reasons. Just never knew how and who to pitch it to but would still love to.

  2. well…gotta say I wasn’t going to watch it, but then my good friend Javier Colon got on there and I had to! Back in the radio days, weren;t singers always judged only by their sound? Kind of brings us back to that. Still, now the “sound only” part is past, isn’t it? Now I just want Javier to rock it!

  3. Would be nice if a similar series showcasing voiceover talent could find more than a niche audience. I know I’d be watching…

  4. I love the idea…just wish they would accept auditions over the internet…I think it’s a brilliant concept because talent is not about physical appearance…

  5. The concept of judgement based on Voice Only (Meaning presentation, Delivery and Overall Sound) would be great if that was how the contestants competed the whole through the competition. Aside from Christina Aguilera being cute on camera, I got bored about halfway through the premiere. Thoughts of Haley Reinhart’s singing flooded my brain. So I decided to save my available DVR minutes for American Idol!
    Tom Daniels,
    Owner, Senior Voice Artist – Tom Daniels Voice Imaging


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