Who are the Voice Actors in The Tiger’s Apprentice?

Keaton Robbins | May 8, 2024

An animate image of a boy in a yellow hoodie and a tiger looking at each other, while sitting on a rooftop.

Paramount Animation’s ‘The Tiger’s Apprentice’ is a thrilling film that follows Tom Lee, an ordinary boy who discovers his extraordinary destiny as a guardian of the spirit world. 

The voices behind these characters are remarkable.

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  1. Brandon Soo Hoo Takes on the Challenge:
  2. Lucy Liu: The Powerful Nu Kua
  3. A Stellar Supporting Cast

So, if you’re curious about the talented actors who brought ‘The Tiger’s Apprentice’ to life, buckle up!

We’re about to unveil the all-star cast:

Brandon Soo Hoo Takes on the Challenge:

Rising star Brandon Soo Hoo might be recognized for his roles in shows like ‘Veep’ and ‘About a Boy’.

In The Tiger’s Apprentice, Soo Hoo lends his voice to Tom Lee, the unassuming young protagonist who embraces his role as a guardian.

Soo Hoo perfectly captures Tom’s initial nervousness as he navigates this fantastical world and his growing confidence and determination.

Lucy Liu: The Powerful Nu Kua

The iconic Lucy Liu voices Nu Kua, the empress of the spirit world.

Liu brings her signature strength and charisma to this complex character, who guides Tom on his journey.

A Stellar Supporting Cast

‘The Tiger’s Apprentice’ boasts a stellar supporting cast, including heavyweights like Henry Golding (Mr. Hu), Sandra Oh (Mistral), and Michelle Yeoh (Loo).

Adding to the excitement is the news that the hilarious Awkwafina is also part of the voice cast, though details about her specific character are under wraps!

This incredible ensemble breathes life into the fantastical world of ‘The Tiger’s Apprentice’ making it a truly immersive experience.

The film’s success is a testament to the power of voice acting, where talented performers can transport us to new worlds and make us laugh, cry, and cheer alongside the characters.

Next time you watch ‘The Tiger’s Apprentice’, listen closely. See if you can recognize the voices behind these captivating characters.

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