The Top 54 Generative Voice Companies

Keaton Robbins | March 9, 2023

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Artificial intelligence tools are rapidly advancing. Many companies are changing the way we’ll interact with the world by using AI and deep learning techniques. 

Voice Technology is one of the hot AI industries, and many companies are trying to improve the way computers talk and how they express emotion. Today we’ll look at 54 of the top generative voice companies leading the way. 

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  1. Generative Voice Companies
  2. WellSaid
  3. AI21labs
  5. Voicemod
  6. Storyfile
  7. Speechify
  9. Synthesia
  10. Speechki
  11. Soundful
  12. Sayitnow
  13. Soul Machines
  14. Hypertype
  15. Simplified
  18. Respeecher
  20. Replica
  21. ReadSpeaker
  22. Picsart
  23. You
  24. Murfai
  26. OpenAI
  27. Neosapience
  28. AiMi
  29. Mubert
  30. LyricStudio
  31. Autobound
  32. Cashew
  33. Boomy
  34. Descript
  35. Moises
  36. HyperWrite
  37. Listnr
  38. Inworld
  39. Sonantic
  40. Lovo Ai
  41. Colossyan
  42. HourOne
  43. Eleven Labs
  44. Co:here
  45. Here After
  46. Cocohub
  47. Flowrite
  48. Lately
  49. DeepMind
  50. Jasper
  51. DeepZen
  52. Deepbrain AI
  53. Metaphysics
  54. D-ID
  55. Aug X Labs

Generative Voice Companies

While the AI industry is relatively new, many companies are pushing the boundaries of the industry. From text to speech to AI avatars, the below companies are at the top of their game and revolutionizing generative voice tools. 


WellSaid is an AI text-to-speech voiceover application. It features flexible voiceover tools that let you input a script in plain text and convert it into emotion-filled speech. 


Ai21labs offers flexible and customizable text generation and comprehension models. Their premier product is Wordtune. This tool lets you rephrase any writing with a click of the mouse.

If you don’t like the sound of your recorded voice, is the right product for you. The application boasts thousands of different AI voices that you can use in apps, games, and more. 


Voicemod is a real-time AI voice-changing soundboard. The application works great for Discord, Zoom, and gaming. Voicemod also owns Songify, this tool can convert text into a song. 


If you prefer your AI with video, Storyfile lets you create conversational AI videos that talk back. The app records and edits AI-generated audio and video files to suit your needs. 


Speechify is one of the most popular AI text-to-speech readers. You can import everything from emails to pdf files, and Speechify reads the document. The app has a wide range of voices and lets you speed up reading to improve productivity.

Smartwriter helps users speed up research and send personalized emails. You can automate your entire outreach process and improve your response rate by using Smartwriter. 


Synthesia is one of the best AI speech and video generation tools. The application lets you create professional videos without hiring a studio, director, or actors. Synthesia makes it easy to create training, how-to, and marketing videos in minutes. 


Speechki helps you add natural-sounding narration to audiobooks. You can choose from over 340 voices and 77 languages. Speechki also lets you customize the sound and edit the recordings.  


Soundful is an AI music generator. This tool lets you create new royalty-free background music in seconds. The music is ideal for video, streaming, podcasts, and more. 


Sayitnow combines AI voice tools and advertising to create actionable advertisements. You can improve engagement with your customers by integrating Sayitnow with voice tools like Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Soul Machines

Soul Machines created the first GPT-3 integrated digital influencer, Suki. Suki is a virtual person that can chat with you about herself and anything else. Businesses can use the technology to create their version and improve engagement with their clients.


Reading and writing hundreds of emails takes time. If you’re sick of emails, Hypertype can improve your experience. It uses AI to detect meaning, sync data, and share knowledge. You can save countless hours by utilizing Hypertype in your office.  


Simplified combines a range of AI tools into one app. You can create videos, manage social media, and perform complex graphic design in Simplified. The site offers thousands of templates and AI tools to generate voice, audio, images, and video in minutes. is an AI sales outreach and content tool. You’ll find tools that create personalized outreach, sales sequence creation, and AI content management systems in is another text-to-video creation tool. The application lets you create AI-generated personalized video campaigns in minutes. You can create custom video avatars that let you be the star of the video without needing to be on camera. 


Respeecher is a voice cloning tool that is indistinguishable from the original speaker. Ideal for audiobooks, filmmakers, and content creators, this tool is essential for anyone looking to improve the quality of their media products. is a generative voice AI toolkit. It lets users create human-like voices in seconds. This tool makes it easy to give an AI voice emotion and tone. Other uses include voice transformation and language conversion. 


Replica can create AI voice actors for your next video game or movie. Instead of booking a studio and hiring voice actors, you can input your script into Replica and have a recording done in minutes. 


Readspeaker is a tool that offers lifelike text-to-speech conversion. It lets you create text-to-speech apps, produce audio files, and give voice to desktop tools. 


Picsart is a content creation tool. The package lets you create stunning images and videos with minimal skills or experience. Picsart also features a variety of AI tools that help you create writing and images from your text.  


You is an AI search engine and chatbot.  The search engine gives you more control and helps you find accurate information faster. It also prides itself on its extensive privacy tools. YouChat is their AI bot that lets you converse like a human with the search engine. 


Murfai is a text-to-speech generator with a versatile voice. It lets you create studio-quality voice overs in minutes. Ideal for podcasts and videos, you’ll feel like you have a professional studio and actors in your home while using Murf. lets you create realistic speech and audio from text. It offers 832 voices and 132 languages. is ideal for customers that want expressive audio created in seconds. 


Best known for ChatGPT, OpenAI is leading the AI industry. ChatGPT is a text chatbot that lets you conversationally interact with your computer. They also created Whisper, which can transcribe any speech into text. 


Virtual actors are increasing in popularity and Neosapience is a leader in the industry. Neosapience offers AI-powered virtual actors, text-based audio editors, and more. 


AiMi is an interactive Ai music generation tool. They offer a variety of tools that let you create music, listen to “ethically” generated AI music, and other creator tools. Ideal for videos, streaming, and gaming, AiMi is one of the best ways to create royalty-free music for your projects.


Mubert is another AI music tool. It features an impressive AI-generative music app that creates amazing music. They offer tools for content creators, artists, and more. Whether you need inspiration for a track or background music for your next YouTube video, you can create it with Mbert. 


You’ll never have writer’s block again after using LyricStudio. The AI lets you generate human-like lyrics for songs in any genre. From rap to country, LyricStudio can help you record your next big hit.


Autobound is a conversational chatbot designed for business. It features an extensive toolset that lets you improve email response rates, book social media outreach, and more. You can create diverse personas that build relationships with your customers. 


Cashew is a tool that helps developers create voice applications. The tool excels at creating interactive apps for Alexa and gives companies a better way to leverage their voice online. 


Even if you’ve never played a single note, Boomy can help you create a pop hit or classical score. Within seconds, you can create original songs to stream on popular sites like YouTube and Spotify. 


Descript is a suite of tools designed to make video creation simple. It offers AI video editing, podcasting tools, clip creation, and publishing tools. 


Moises is an AI music and audio editing tool. You can use Moises to remove vocals from a song, change the key of an artist, or increase the tempo of the track. Moises also offers a lyric writing tool to help with writer’s block. 


HyperWrite lets you write faster and smarter. From idea to final draft, you’ll improve your productivity while improving your writing skills. Hyperwrite features autocomplete tools, image find tools, and auto-writing tools.  


Listnr is an AI text-to-speech generator that creates realistic tone and speech patterns. With over 75 languages and 600 voices, Listnr offers users a diverse collection that meets any requirements. 


Inworld is an AI tool that helps users create immersive characters for gaming. They specialize in advanced NPC behavior and creation. They also offer tools to create virtual worlds, AI companions, and game modding tools. 


Sonantic is an AI tool for creating expressive and realistic artificial voices. They offer a range of voices and models that can express emotion, tone, and style. Whether you want a scared yell for your video game or a bubbly adventurer for your kid’s book, Sonantic can help. 

Lovo Ai

Lovo is a tool that helps you create realistic voice overs for any media. It uses a text-to-speech interface to create lifelike synthetic voices for entertainment, marketing, learning, and gaming. 


Colossyan transforms your laptop into a video studio. This professional video editing suite lets you text your script and create perfect videos within minutes. It uses AI actors, AI text-to-speech tools, and more to create realistic and lifelike presentations. 


HourOne is another AI video studio that specializes in text-to-video for virtual presenters. It’s an  ideal tool for training, education, and human resources. HourOne offers over 60 languages and you can deploy your app in any country. 

Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs boats the most realistic and versatile AI speech software. Eleven Lads lets you convert any text and create compelling stories, news articles, audiobooks, and blogs. 


Co:here is a natural language processing (NLP) platform that you can use in a variety of libraries and languages. Sample uses include data organization, writing copy, and topic modeling.   

Here After

Here After is an AI virtual assistant app that helps you preserve your memories. Whether you want to write a memoir or keep a journal, this app provides guidance and assistance to make the project easier. 


Cocohub lets you create virtual humans with no coding skills. Using AI conversational bots, Cocohub creates lifelike speech patterns for their virtual humans. You can deploy these bots in everything from Zoom to Facetime.  


Flowrite is an AI writing tool designed to speed up email messaging. You can adjust the tone of your emails and let Flowrite improve your customer engagement. 


Lately helps you improve your content. It’s great at building brands and showcasing a brand’s voice. Lately specializes in social media management, by using long-form text, video, and podcasts. 


DeepMind is a team of scientists and engineers devoted to solving AI and intelligence. Their goal is to advance science and benefit humanity. DeepMind has been at the forefront of AI since the beginning and continues to innovate with its latest projects. 


Jasper is a popular AI content-writing tool. It helps you break writer’s block and improve your writing. Jasper excels at all types of content writing and can boost your social media reach, improve email outreach, and increase your content output. 


DeepZen is a text-to-speech voice tool that features rich and emotion-filled voices. They use licensed voices of skilled narrators and actors for their voice library. This gives you access to some of the best AI-generated voices while using DeepZen.  

Deepbrain AI

If you need to make videos in a hurry, don’t hesitate to check out Deepbrain AI. This tool lets you convert your text script into a video with an AI avatar in minutes. Deepbrain AI is flexible and customizable. It also offers over 80 languages. 


Metaphysics is an AI content tool designed to work with web3 infrastructure in the metaverse. You can create AI avatars, videos, and more with Metaphysics. The site also features a community of ethical AI synthetic applications.  


D-ID is leading the way in generative AI tools like avatars and videos. One of their unique tools lets you convert any portrait image into a live video.

Aug X Labs

Aug X Labs helps users tell better stories. The team at Aug X Labs is building an AI-based prompt video tool. It lets you create relevant and compelling videos from a simple text prompt. 

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