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Top Ways Leading Brands Are Using TTS: Part 3 of our TTS Series

We’ve looked at some of the ways you can use text to speech for your brand, but how are some of the biggest companies in the world today utilizing TTS to grow their brands? Let’s study a few examples together.


Creating accessibility for individuals who cannot easily read text on a screen has become a focus for many companies today. Creating a TTS-based user interface as well as programming other text to speech functionalities on websites, digital displays, and other hardware devices helps everyone. 

Improved Customer Experience

We live in a world full of options and opportunities. Because of this, companies in competition with each other can face a highly competitive market where a positive customer experience can be all the difference between success and failure. TTS can help to create these kinds of experiences.

Check out our example below of how KFC used TTS to create a memorable experience that their customers would never forget.

Creating New Channels of Communication 

With the ever-improving naturalness and expressiveness of TTS synthesized voices, many brands are looking at ways to increase communications channels with their customers and other companies. 

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is doing this by developing its own cloud-based TTS system. Read the example below to learn more.

How Does Microsoft Use TTS?

Microsoft has been on the cutting edge of technology since they launched in 1975. They recognize the need and importance of having a TTS feature for their software. Many of the applications in their English language suite, such as Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint, automatically come with TTS software installed. Even their Excel software has a TTS commands feature, making it more accessible to all. 

Their Azure Cloud Computing Service also has a fascinating TTS feature: Custom Neural Voice. This is powerful software that allows users to create a customized synthetic voice for their applications. All one needs to do is provide your own audio samples as training data, and Custom Neural Voice will develop the rest.

How Does KFC Use TTS?

When KFC decided they wanted to create a unique experience for the customers on National Fried Chicken Day, they utilized text to speech.

The company used AI, TTS, and voice recognition technologies to create a simulated Col. Sanders, who was capable of taking customer orders in KFC drive-thrus across the country. The simulated Sander’s voice featured a southern drawl, and the TTS system allowed KFC to create an interaction full of humor and personality.

It was an experience that many customers will never forget.

How Does Amazon Use TTS?

Amazon has been using voice recognition technology for many years with its popular voice-activated Alexa speakers. Now the company has developed Polly, a cloud-based TTS service that offers a highly natural and expressive synthesized voice.

Amazon has now partnered with media companies such as the newspaper, The Globe and Mail, to use Polly Newscaster. This TTS tool provides stories in an audio format so that the news company can engage with its audience in more ways.

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