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Video: Job Flags for Voice Talent

In this video we’re going to give an overview of Job Flags for talent.

What are Job Flags?

Job Flags help you by letting you know which jobs you should prioritize when auditioning, and also by giving you feedback on the jobs you didn’t win. 

What Do The Different Job Flags Mean?

First is the Rush flag. Pay attention to the lightning bolt in your hiring folder, because a rush client wants to complete their job in a very short amount of time. Rush jobs get priority in the hiring list and will always appear at the top.

To view the other flags, you’ll have to head over to your answered folder. 

The private invitation flag, which only occurs when a client has privately invited you to audition after hearing your demo. You should make responding to these a top priority because a client is reaching out to you directly.

The “Listened to” ear flag shows that your audition has been heard by the client. If you’re finding that you’re not getting as many “listened to” notifications as you’d like, it may be a matter of auditioning earlier or auditioning for jobs with higher VoiceMatch scores.

If the client listened to and chose to leave some feedback for your audition, the lightbulb icon will appear.

Click on the left to see client feedback. They may be commenting on the quality or the performance of your audition.

Most voice actors favorite one is the thumbs up icon, which is the “Liked” flag. This means a client liked your audition and gave you a thumbs up! If you see some of these in your answered folder, that is a great sign and you can know that you’re on the right track. Only a small percentage of auditions get a like from a client, so consider yourself shortlisted.

Use These Flags to Inform Your Auditioning Process!

So whether you are looking for trends in your auditions, tracking your success, or adjusting your auditioning strategy, your knowledge of job flags will help you book more jobs on Voices.

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