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Who Are the Voices in ‘Avatar 2: The Way of Water’?

The voice actors of the ‘Avatar 2’ cast put their hearts and souls into the characters they play to bring a beautiful and mesmerizing film to us that is just over three hours long. Let’s take a deeper look into the world of ‘Avatar’ and learn more about who the voice actors are behind the character facades.

The World of ‘Avatar’

Director James Cameron introduced us to the ‘Avatar’ world in 2009, with the first film installment. From here, we learned about the planet of Pandora, Jake Sully, and the war between the sky people (humans) and the Omaticaya clan over unobtanium extraction. The film ended with Jake, originally a sky person, devoting his life to becoming a part of the clan.

The newest installment, called ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, came out on Dec. 16, 2022, and reintroduced us to the Omaticaya clan. At this point, Jake and Neytiri are the leaders of the clan and decide to flee somewhere else due to the ongoing war with the sky people. They find a water tribe to live among, where the bulk of the film takes place. 

The Na’vi Language

The Na’vi language is a fictional language that the Na’vi people, including the Omaticaya clan, use to communicate. Paul Frommer, a linguist and professor, created the language specifically for the film franchise. The language has about 1,000 words.

Who Are the Voices of the Primary Cast of ‘Avatar 2’?

Here are the voice actors behind the digitized faces of the Na’vi people.

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully

Sam Worthington is a notable English actor who graduated from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art at 22 years old. From there he began his work as a theater actor and moved on to films not too long after. You might notice him from ‘Terminator Salvation’ (2009) and ‘Clash of the Titans’ (2010). 

Zoe Saldaña as Neytiri

Zoe Saldaña is an American actress who began her performance career with dance. As her skills improved, she started dancing for theater and became a recruit for a talent agency to begin her acting career. You might recognize her as Gamora in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and Anamaria in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’. 

Sigourney Weaver as Kiri

Sigourney Weaver is a rather notable actress that you can find appearing in many films starting from the 1970s. She comes from New York and started her acting career in the 60s with theater performances, which led to films. You probably recognize her from the movie‘Ghostbusters’ (2021).

Kiri is a new character in the ‘Avatar’ world. She is the biological daughter of Grace and the adopted daughter of Jake and Neytiri. 

Jamie Flatters as Neteyam

Jamie Flatters is an English actor, and his role in ‘Avatar 2’ is one of the biggest in his acting career due to his young age. 

Neteyam is a new character, and he is the oldest son of Jake and Neytiri.

Britain Dalton as Lo’ak

Britain Dalton is an American actor who began his acting career by accident when a film student asked him to audition for a film. He’s appeared in music videos, and even scored a voice talent role in a video game.

Lo’ak is a new character and is the youngest son of Jake and Neytiri.

Trinity Bliss as Tuktirey

Trinity Bliss is an American singer-songwriter and actress. Due to her young age, her acting career started rather recently. However, you might recognize her from the HBO Max show, ‘The Garcias’.

Tuktirey, or Tuk, is a new character and is the youngest daughter of Jake and Neytiri.

Cliff Curtis as Tonowari

Cliff Curtis is a New Zealand-based actor who began his acting career at the New Zealand Drama School and the Switzerland-based school, Teatro Dmitri Scuola. 

Tonowari is a new character and is the chief of the water tribe.

Kate Winslet as Ronal

Kate Winslet is a prominent English actress in the film world and began her acting career very early, as both her parents were actors and she started showing talent at a young age. Her first professional acting gig started at the age of 11. 

Ronal is a new character and she is Tonowari’s wife and mother to Tsireya and Ao’nung.

Bailey Bass as Tsireya

Bailey Bass is a new actress, making ‘Avatar 2’ one of her primary roles in Hollywood. She should be in the next “Avatar” movie. 

Tsireya is a new character and is the daughter of Tonowari and Ronal.

Avatar: The Way of Water | Acting In The Volume | Featurette | In Cinemas Now

Duane Evans Jr. as Rotxo

Duane Evan Jr. is a New Zealand-based actor that entered the acting world at the young age of three years old. He played Michael for three years in ‘Shortland Street’, which is a New Zealand soap opera.

You might also know him from a ‘Power Rangers’ installment and ‘The New Legends of Monkey’ on Netflix.

Rotxo is a new character that you’ll often find hanging out with Ao’nung throughout the film.

Filip Geljo as Ao’nung

Filip Geljo is a Toronto-based actor who began performing in front of people in elementary school. He started acting professionally, with his first role being in a short film, which then led to a show called ‘Odd Squad where he played Agent Otto. This also led him to star in the movie for this series as well. You might also know him from ‘The Waiting Room’.

Ao’nung is a new character and is the son of Tonowari and Ronal.

Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch

Stephen Lang comes back to the ‘Avatar’ world to claim his role as Colonel Quaritch but as one of the Na’vi. He is a prominent actor from New York who began his professional film and television acting career in the 1980s. He’s also a great actor on the Broadway stage. 

Final Thoughts 

Great voice actors are vital when it comes to epic cinematic films like ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, as they help engage the audience and keep them emotionally invested. Keep these talented actors and actresses in mind when you watch the new ‘Avatar’ movie.

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