Disney Frozen Voice Acting

Who Are the Voices in Frozen?

From the creators of Tangled and Wreck It Ralph, Walt Disney Animation Studios brings on the chill with Frozen. The 3D animated film was loosely based, in part, on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and follows classic Disney tales with princesses caught between good and bad. Anna, a fearless optimist, teams up with an extreme mountain man and his sidekick reindeer as the three set out on an epic journey to find Anna’s sister Elsa, the Snow Queen, to put an end to her icy spell and save the Kingdom of Arendelle from eternal winter.

Kristen Bell as Anna

As a member of a royal family, Anna is daring and tends to act before she thinks. She’s an eternal optimist and the most caring person you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. She misses her sister, Elsa, who she was close with during childhood. But when Elsa accidentally unleashes a magical secret that locks the kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter, Anna ventures out on a dangerous journey to help make things right. Armed with fearlessness, her never-give-up attitude and faith in others, Anna is determined to save both her kingdom and her family.

Idina Menzel as Elsa

The new Snow Queen and Anna’s elder sister. Elsa seems poised, regal and reserved on the outside but, on the inside, she struggles with her secret—she was born with the ability to create ice and snow. She recognizes the beauty and dangers of this mighty power, and is haunted by the moment her magic nearly killed her younger sister Anna. Tormented by the memory, Elsa has spent every waking minute trying to suppress her growing powers. Her intense emotions accidentally trigger the magic, setting off an icy spell that she can’t control.

Jonathan Groff as Kristoff

Kristoff, a mountain man who owns a reindeer named Sven, lives high up in the mountains where he harvests ice and sells it to the kingdom of Arendelle. A little rough around the edges, Kristoff is a strong, no-nonsense type. He unwittingly becomes entangled in Anna’s mission to save the kingdom and Elsa.

Santino Fontana as Prince Hans

A handsome royal from a neighboring kingdom, Hans comes to Arendelle for Elsa’s coronation. Hans grew up feeling practically invisible—and Anna can relate. Hans is smart, observant and chivalrous. Hans just might be the connection Anna’s been waiting for all her life.

Josh Gad as Olaf, a Snowman

Olaf is a loveable snowman who likes warm hugs. A product of Elsa’s magic, Olaf is the friendliest snowman to ever walk the mountains above Arendelle. He is a dreamer, innocent, and outgoing. He has the uncanny ability to disassemble himself at will (and sometimes not at will) creating some laughable moments.

Alan Tudyk as the Duke of Weselton

The Duke of Weselton is determined to get close to the new quee, until Elsa’s magical secret is revealed. He’s the first to call her a monster and try to turn her own kingdom against her. Arrogant and showboating The Duke will stop at nothing to exploit Arendelle’s tradable goods.

Chris Williams as Oaken, the owner of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna

Oaken runs the trading post and suana but when Elsa’s massive winter storm hits the Kingdom of Arendelle mid-July and he suddenly finds himself with a surplus of summer supplies. Local deal-seekers must beware – although he’s good-natured and helpful, if you cross him, Oaken won’t hesitate to throw you out of his humble establishment.

Image: © Walt Disney Pictures

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