What is Radio Imaging?

What Is Radio Imaging?

Radio imaging is defined as audio recordings that are played to promote a radio station. Other terms for radio imaging include are radio sweepers, promos, id's, station ids and liners for station imaging.

Styles of Radio Imaging

There are as many different styles of radio imaging as there are radio stations on the air. Again, I suppose that's the point. Radio stations need to properly match their imaging with the vibe of the station the promo is playing on. Some of the styles include:

  • Active Rock Radio Imaging (with very high energy)
  • Adult Album Alternative Radio Imaging
  • Adult Alternative Radio Imaging
  • Adult Contemporary (AC) Radio Imaging
  • Album Oriented Rock (AOR) Radio Imaging
  • Alternative Rock Radio Imaging
  • Americana Radio Imaging
  • Classic Rock Radio Imaging
  • Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) Radio Imaging
  • Dance Station Radio Imaging
  • Hot Adult Contemporary (Hot AC) Radio Imaging
  • Lite Adult Contemporary (Lite AC) Radio Imaging
  • Modern Rock Radio Imaging
  • Oldies Radio Imaging
  • Rock Radio Imaging
  • Rock AC Radio Imaging
  • Smooth Jazz Radio Imaging
  • Big Band Radio Imaging
  • Talk Radio Station Imaging
  • Urban Radio Imaging
  • World Music Radio Imaging

How Can I Produce Radio Imaging for My Station?

Voices.com offers produced radio imaging and voice imaging, Liners, sweepers, IDs and promos for affordable rates. Simply post a job using our free job posting service, outline your project requirements by letting us know about your radio station, the format and the audience that you're targeting.

Scripting Your Radio Imaging

Before sending off your request to the production department, or to Voices.com if you'll be working with a freelance professional, consider if you will need:

  • Dry (voice only)
  • Music (voice & music bed)
  • SFX (voice & sfx)
  • Full Produced (voice, music and sfx)

Get Auditions of Professional Radio Imaging

Once you've posted your radio imaging project at Voices.com, we'll send you auditions from a variety of professionals who match your specifications as outlined in your job posting. You'll hear from some of the top radio imaging voices in the country.

Other Production Services

The global network of freelance radio professionals can provide a number of production services. Whatever you need, we can definitely help!

  • Radio Jingles
  • DJ Jingles
  • DJ Drops
  • DJ Downloads
  • Voice Overs
  • Commercials
  • National Radio Spots
  • Local Radio Spots
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Other Voice Tracks

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