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Profile photo for Becky Shrimpton

Becky Shrimpton

Toronto, Ontario

Monster High Doll Upbeat Toy TV ad - Bubbly, Perky, High Pitched, Youthful, Quick, Engaging, Announcer, Charismastic

Voice Over Television Ad + 22 More
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Tricia Brioux

Toronto, Ontario

Business Demo

Voice Over Video Narration + 19 More
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Yuli Santiago

Orlando, Florida

English Demo,

Voice Over Television Ad + 17 More
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Lina Franco

Mexico City, Mexico

Generic Demo

Voice Over Video Narration + 19 More
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Marta Rensink

Concrete, Washington

Commercial product video

Voice Over Elearning + 8 More
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Rachael Warren-Allen

Silverton, Oregon


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All About Female Voice Actors

If there’s a battle between men and women in voice acting, female voice actors are winning. When the choice is hiring a female voice actor or a male voice actor, females are frequently in demand.  

Indeed, the number of job postings for female voice actors increased by 24 percent, while job postings for male voice actors were up by 16 percent. What do these companies and creative directors know about the voice of a female voice actor that makes them more sought after? 

Why Hire a Female Voice Actor?  

Whether it’s bringing an AI virtual assistant to life or voice-over work for commercials or animation, a female voice actor has an edge over a male voice actor. Among the reasons are these:  


With women having a large role in financial decision-making, hiring a female voice actor may connect with female customers.   


A female voice actor isn’t only relatable, but her down-to-earth voice may create feelings of trust and ease among those listening, whether customers hear her voice over telephone recordings or in advertising voice-overs.   


Often a female voice actor is brought into a project to play children—even young boys—in animated projects, such as Bart in The Simpsons. The reason is that, while a young male voice actor’s voice will change and deepen, a female voice actor’s voice will not, letting her play a role longer.   

Popular Styles for Female Voice Actors  

A female voice actor is a great choice for myriad voice-over styles, including:  


Female voice actors tend to show enthusiasm in fun, non-threatening tones. A talented female voice actor can show sincere passion and excitement in video voice-overs, advertisements, and recorded phone messages.   


Deadpan delivery of lines in commercials and animation by a female voice actor can add humor and connect with viewers and listeners.  


Female voice actors deliver information in a friendly and relatable way. Moreover, their delivery is often assured and confident, making what they have to say more resonant with listeners. 


Female voice actors can convey trust to women, who often make family buying decisions or have a higher representation in specific customer groups. In these areas and others, a friendly, knowledgeable female voice actor can build meaningful connections with listeners.

Voice-Over Projects for Female Voices  

Projects for female voice actors are on the rise, with several areas actively seeking them for roles.  

AI/Voice Assistant  

The calm, professional voice of a woman lends itself to AI assistants. In this area, female voice actors outpace male voice actors.  


Female voice actors can play all sorts of roles in animated projects. Since women’s voices are higher and don’t change, they can give their voices to boys in cartoons for years.  

Video Games  

Queens, warriors, and goddesses are among the diverse selection of characters female voice actors portray in computer games.   

Trends in Casting  

Female voice actors far outpace men in virtual assistant voice-overs and are making significant gains toward parity with male voice actors in documentary and video game work.