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Melissa Epp

Lincoln, Nebraska

Air Force Training Instructional Informative Articulate Serious Expert

Voice Over Elearning + 10 More
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Satauna Howery

Saratoga Springs, New York

Satauna - Animation: Cartoon and Videogame Characters

Voice Over Animation + 17 More
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Chloe Elmore

Teacher Speaks on Mental Health

Voice Over Online Ad + 21 More
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Dan Weinberg

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Additional Commercials 15

Voice Over Video Narration + 18 More
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Todd Barsness

Mazomanie, Wisconsin

Todd Barsness - Emotional Comforting Medical Sad

Voice Over Video Narration + 22 More
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Rex Anderson

Baltimore, Maryland

Video Game/Podcast Characters - Grizzled, Impish, Sarcastic

Voice Over Videogames + 19 More
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All About Police Officer Voices

The police officer is a character who works for a law enforcement agency, typically at the municipal or state level. The police officer character is dedicated to serving the civilian population and protecting law and order. The police officer character is disciplined, observant and has a sense of duty. The police officer character often speaks with a confident tone, as well, and may shout at suspects to issue commands, or talk assertively, yet calmly, to a barricaded suspect. The police officer character holds a position of respect and authority, following orders from others higher up the chain of command. Depending on the role and scenario the police officer character is in, he or she could have different responsibilities and reactions.

Police officer voice character roles

There are many types of police officer character, ranging from office workers filing evidence and writing reports to working in the field, providing information to the public, investigating a case, or tackling criminals. The police officer character who works in an office setting is often calm, and not exposed to risk. This character is very methodical and detail-oriented. If this character is also a detective or an analyst, he or she has extra knowledge and spends time looking for information and solutions that can lead to the prosecution of a suspect.

Police officer characters in the field may have varying jobs, with varying levels of risk. Safer roles usually include the parking enforcement officer character and officers who educate the public through various programs, such as officer characters who give lessons at schools. These characters are also relatively calm and have good interpersonal skills. Police officer characters who are in riskier jobs, such as responding to calls or having a presence in the public, have more regulated emotions as a result of needing to think quickly under pressure. These officers are very observant, assess risks quickly, relay information through walkie-talkies or radio, and have a degree of physical fitness.

Police officer characters are generally respectable and aim to protect others, but some police officers may be corrupt or misuse their authority in other ways. Other police officer characters may panic under pressure, especially if they are new recruits or injured. The corrupt cop character is more common in crime and mob movies or television shows, or mystery movies and shows.

Where police officer characters appear

The police officer character can be seen in many forms of media but is most commonly seen in the crime, mystery, and emergency services genres. Shows such as Border Security and Live PD show law enforcement officers in action. Even some children’s movies have police officer characters, such as Zootopia, which focuses on a mysterious wave of insanity spreading throughout the city of animals. Determining which type of police officer character you are voicing, and comparing it to similar police characters in the media, can help you voice the perfect police officer character for the role.